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Linglestown Gazette: Deadline nears for Linglestown waterlline

Friday, February 06, 2009

Deadline nears for Linglestown waterlline

By Harrison L. Michelson
For Linglestown Gazette

The Village of Linglestown Committee met Thursday night to discuss the progress of adding a public waterline along Linglestown Road as part of a major roadway improvement project expected to start this summer.

Village committee members and Lower Paxton officials are looking for 60 property owners along Linglestown Road in the village to connect to the waterline, and 48 have committed to date.

Each property owner would contribute $2,800 to the project, with United Water Pennsylvania, a state-regulated water company, providing approximately $3,000. If fewer than 60 sign up, the hook-up fee for property owners most likely would be increased. Also, property owners would have to find a plumber to connect their building to the waterline and pay monthly water bills.

The hook-up costs are a major outlay of cash, but it was suggested during the meeting that property owners could recoup their investment in the future due to the increased property value associated with having access to public water. Currently, several homes and businesses in the village get drinking water from old, hand-dug wells, and the historic village has no fire hydrants.

The village committee needs to have the final numbers within the next week. Plans for the waterline need to be submitted to PennDOT by mid-March to keep the village improvement project on schedule for construction bidding to be completed by April 30.

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At 7:05 AM, Anonymous Mike said...

I live on Balthaser, can I hook up to public water?

At 8:37 AM, Blogger  said...

I far as I know, Mike, the proposed waterline would only serve properties in the village along Linglestown Road. To get official word on this situation, contact Lower Paxton Twp. manager George Wolfe at (717) 657-5600.


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