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Linglestown Gazette: Village briefs

Monday, January 08, 2007

Village briefs

PennDOT and Lower Paxton Township are nearing a decision on the route of a loop road that will connect Route 39 to Blue Mountain Parkway. Prediction: The road will go through Doris Rowe’s yard – using Blackberry Alley would create a tight turn and probably require tearing down a house.

PennLive.com, home of The Patriot-News, has a forum section for Linglestown. Recent entries focus on food offerings at Senor Pepe’s and service at KoKoMos Sports Bar & Grill - Linglestown.

West Hanover Winery is opening a store in the same building that houses Linglestown Flowers & Gifts. The stores are located near the village square.

New Hope Church will be constructing athletic fields and a picnic grove behind the church building located on Colonial Club Drive.

Frank Cotolo, a noted indie performer who has played at many major East and West Coast venues, will be the featured act at St. Thomas Roasters in Linglestown on Friday, Jan. 12. Tunes and laughs begin at around 8 pm.


At 2:25 PM, Anonymous Q said...

Can someone please tell me how the round-abouts will decrease the amount of cars traveling on Linglestown Road?? The traffic flow/amount of vehicles seems to be the biggest problem. Two traffic lights, one at Mountain Road and the other at Blue Mountain Parkway, would most certainly cut the wait time at these intersections. You need a stoppage/break in traffic to gain entrance into the round-abouts and in the AM and PM rush hours there are usually limited breaks in the traffic, meaning there will still be lines at these intersections to get onto Linglestown Rd. Traffic lights create breaks and are the way to go!

At 2:54 PM, Anonymous Q said...

When I think of a round-about, Chambersburg and Hanover come to mind. These round-abouts are large enough to support a few lanes of traffic flow and are located in the center of a "downtown" with shops, restaurants and nice old buildings. I know the construction is supposed to dress up the area by adding trees and what not, but do you really think that Linglestown is or will be a destination spot when this is completed as opposed to what it is now...just a town that people drive thru to get from point A to point B?? The general area around the Flagpole (just relocate it!! but that's for another discussion) needs a major facelift which means more than just adding trees, sidewalks, and a round-about. Is any of the federal money going to the refurbishing of the houses/buildings in this area?

At 3:06 PM, Anonymous Q said...

The flagpole...I'm all for honoring the veterans and current military, the flagpole is great, but don't you think we can relocate it?? Maybe to the park or even at the fire station?? Give it a nice big area, a new plaque, lots of flowers, a spotlight, benches, the whole nine yards. But no, it stays in the square, surrounded by a yellow curb, a few flowers in the summer and a sorry excuse for a Christmas tree and some presents during Christmas time. You really believe that's the best way to honor our heroes and display the flag?? Relocate the flagpole, add 2 traffic lights, problem solved.

At 7:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the square in L-Town should be closed to cars and 39 should go west of town under the power lines. the town could become a true experience for shopping and general entertainment. All of the old buildings would be perfect for botique type of stores etc.


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