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Linglestown Gazette: Square project naysayers show up in force

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Square project naysayers show up in force

The Patriot-News ran a letter today under the headline "Wasteful road project" about the planned Route 39 improvement project in village of Linglestown. The letter's author, Matt Raback of Lower Paxton Township, argues for the use of traffic lights instead of roundabouts at the square and Blue Mountain Parkway.

Subsequently, a post by Qfest on PennLive's Linglestown forum that linked to the letter touched off a wave of negative comments about the project. (See post #85.)

Most of the naysayers seem to be unaware of the full scope of the project – the $5 million will be used for much more than a roundabout at the square.

As for using traffic lights, if they were an easy fix for slowing down traffic and preventing long lines of cars at intersections, the township would have installed them years ago.

Check this blog's archives for more information about the highway and village improvement project. I'll endeavor to provide detailed information about all aspects of the project over the next few months.


At 12:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I participated in that forum that you say "does not understand the full scope of the 5million."

I say that some of us understand the nature of Linglestown as a bedroom community with just enough healthy small businesses to keep it up-to-date. Five million dollars to renovate a square that 90 percent of the traffic will PASS THROUGH and never remember?

I like Linglestown as a bedroom community.

We do not need an enormous renovation. We need to deal with a small (but persistent) problem: that is The Flagpole.

Or? Use the 5 million (from where, btw? Taxpayers?) and renovate away! Make the sidewalks! The streetlights! Fanfare! Whatever! But move the flagpole!!

At 10:55 AM, Anonymous Q said...


At 11:31 AM, Blogger Bill Bostic, editor said...

My goal is not to sell the Route 39/village project. I only want to provide information so interested parties have the full story.

Unfortunately, the time for debating this project is over. This kind of debate needed to happen a few years ago.

LP officials recently approved the plan, funding is in place, and work on a detailed final plan is under way.

Moreover, the project has been in the works for years. Dozens of public meetings were held during the planning process.

Other than the Rowe family, public outcry has been barely audible - until yesterday's outburst on the Internet.

Some of the issues mentioned on PennLive fall into the realm of personal preference.

Other points hit on things that presented significant problems for project planners. For example, installing traffic lights at Blue Mountain Parkway would require the demolition of homes to make room for turning lanes.

In general, the problem is that most citizens get information on public works projects too late in the game.

More on this later ...

At 11:53 AM, Blogger Bill Bostic, editor said...

Re: Use the 5 million (from where, btw? Taxpayers?) and renovate away! Make the sidewalks! The streetlights! Fanfare! Whatever!

The project includes several streetscape elements, including sidewalks along Route 39 in the village. Benches and streetlights too.

At 1:20 PM, Anonymous Q said...

Bill, we appreciate your blog and the updates you provide. Keep up the great work. Yes, there should have been more debate and attendance at the meetings, including myself. What's done is done...


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