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Linglestown Gazette: More on Wegmans

Thursday, September 06, 2007

More on Wegmans

As reported a few days ago on this blog, the countdown has started for the opening of Wegmans mega-supermarket in the greater Linglestown area.

I've never shopped at Wegmans, and I bet many readers of this blog are in the same boat.

So, here's a couple items to get us up to speed on what all the fuss is about this store.

CLICK HERE to hear Internet radio personality Frank Cotolo of Grantville tell about his first trip a few days ago to a Wegmans at the Jersey shore.

And, believe or not, the Wegmans store in our area is aiming to attract shoppers from as far away as York, according to The York Dispatch. Holy cow!!!!!


At 11:44 PM, Anonymous EyeVertex said...

For a number of years, I lived about 5 miles from a Wegmans, about 2 miles from a Giant, and about 1/2 mile from a Weis in Eastern PA. Guess which one I went to most? The closest store, was always the one I frequented.

When I wanted more selection, I went to Giant. Wegmans is catering to an upscale audience, much like Giant is beginning to do now (ie. their Camp Hill and Linglestown Rd. locations).

So I'd be really surprised to see if many customers regularly drive to the West Shore, or up from York to shop there reguarly, since Giant (similar product) has so much penetration in this market.

Now if a Whole Foods came in that would be a different story.

At 12:26 PM, Anonymous Vincent J. Nerviano, Ph.D. said...

My wife and I had lived in Wilkes-Barre before they had a Wegmans and drove to Scranton to be able to visit one. When they came to Wilkes-Barre it was GREAT. We are waiting with great anticipation for the one on the west shore, and would hope for them to be closer.
We frequently shop at three different Giants locally as well as the occaisional Weis. I have been tracking the Wegmans opening since I had a branch office on the West Shore for several years. Although we live in lower Susquehanna township, my main office (of about 8 years) is not far from the FlagPole - at 4400 Linglestown Road(across from the new Paxton Square shopping development) thus my interest in Linglestown! (PS I am a Licensed Psychologist and my wife is a PA-C.)
Regards to all!!


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