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Linglestown Gazette: Tuesday talking points

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tuesday talking points

Tax agencies need to go …

Patriot-News editors are disturbed by audit findings for Capital Tax Collection Bureau, the agency that serves Linglestown and Central Dauphin School District.

The editorial also mentions a bill in the state Legislature that would eliminate the 559 tax collection agencies in the state. I couldn’t agree more. Today’s technology has ended the need for local tax collectors. It makes no sense trying to verify the accuracy of 559 operations. Having agencies organized at the county level makes more sense.

C.D. schools in the news …

Elementary schools are working on a project that identifies students who need extra help with reading. The project has the potential to be a model for schools in Pennsylvania and across the nation.

On other fronts, C.D. High students recently published the fall edition of The Rampage, the school’s newspaper. Below are a few interesting tidbits:

Mrs. Johnson, the new head principal, wakes up at 3 am to exercise. … Believe or not, the school’s administration is enforcing the school’s dress code, including the “three-rule rule” and the short-skirt rule. … The school’s career center is described as a “hidden treasurer.” … Kara Pine opines that HPV immunizations will benefit young women’s long-term health. … Alison Hoachlander warns against being geographically illiterate. … Michelle Deaven urges young adults to be politically active and vote.

Flagpole controversy …

The planned renovation of the village square has brought numerous calls from participants on a PennLive.com forum for the flagpole to be mowed over or relocated. One person claims to have hit the pole with a car. (See #270.)

Truth be told, the flagpole is here to stay. CLICK HERE for a sensible overview of the situation.



At 11:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live in Linglestown and I agree with the folks that think the flag pole should be relocated. It's ridiculous to keep it where it is, if it's that important to people they should enshrine it in the park. So much money could have been saved had they just moved the stupid thing and moved on instead of dragging it out for years. What a waste!!

At 9:06 PM, Blogger BB said...

The flagpole has been and will continue to be a point of debate for those of us who live in Linglestown.

The citizens who have worked for years on the square makeover project believe the flagpole is a key landmark in the village. Project planning is too far along to initiate talks about moving the pole.

I want to encourage you to stay informed about what's happening in the village, and let your views be known early in planning process for community projects..

Linglestown Gazette is committed to informing residents about important issues that many times do not get covered by radio, TV and print media.


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