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Linglestown Gazette: Brief lockdown occurs at CD High School

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Brief lockdown occurs at CD High School

CLICK HERE for news brief from The Patriot-News.


At 12:33 AM, Blogger Harry said...

I heard that the school office let the two people into the school without asking for ID. Then, they sat in two classes, without being questioned by their teachers. It wasn't until they went to their third class, a science class, when the teacher of that class told the guys to leave because they didn't belong...and after they refused to leave, called down to the office. Once the school realized they didn't belong, that's when the lock down happened.

It's very unfortunate that something like this happened. The school office let these guys in (both who were former students...from what I hear, drop-outs...who had nothing better to do but go to school!), two teachers let them sit in on their classes, and no one else noticed these guys didn't belong. I'm glad the science teacher spoke up, but given the current climate with incidents at the secondary school and higher education school level, you'd think that they would use the very security instruments they paid for when they built the school.

Also, from what I hear, they've relaxed on security rules from the days when they were at the old high school. Back then, you had to buzz the office to get in. Now, you can just walk right on in. Seems kind of odd, given that if a person was going to attack the old CD, they might have thought someone already hit that place up given the condition it was in!


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