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Linglestown Gazette: BREAKING NEWS: Water found for Koons Pool members

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Water found for Koons Pool members

Linglestown Gazette just received word that the fine Americans over at Devon Manor Swim Club, 4400 Devonshire Road, have extended an invitation to all grounded ex-Koons Pool members to swim at their pool as walk-in guests for a daily rate of $7 per person. To take advantage of this gracious offer, please tell the pool attendant that you previously enjoyed swimming pool fun at Koons Pool.



At 11:32 AM, Anonymous B said...

I know of a number of former Koons pool members who have grown tired of the run-a-round that the township and new operators have been giving lately and found alternate pools to join.

Our family joined the Mountain View pool in West Hanover township last week - we grew tired of waiting and waiting for something to happen at Koons. It's a couple more miles away and a bit smaller in pool size, but it's open and the cost is similar to Koons.

I've talked with several other friends who were joining the Hummelstown pool - farther distance from Linglestown, but since they live south of Rt22 it's a bit closer to them, and cheaper than Koons or Mountain View.

It's a shame that Barto or whoever is in charge this year hasn't made more of an effort to get something done. It would be interesting to know what the costs are to operate the pool for 3 months so someone can figure out if a group of locals could operate it at a reduced cost to members as well as some better advertising to bring in more guests.

At 11:59 AM, Blogger BB said...

If a group of Linglestown residents want to pursue operating the pool starting in 2009, I know an individual with extensive experience running a community pool who most likely would provide tips for running a top-notch organization.

The only way Koons Pool will be revived is for new blood to get involved.

At 12:33 PM, Anonymous B said...

I would help out if needed. I actually volunteered the last 2 years and never had the courtesy of a return phone call! They were screaming for volunteers to help and they wouldn't reach out to this one who was willing to. Very discouraging.

I believe we could get a strong group that cares put together and get this pool running again - and we would definately need someone like your contact with the experience.

Where do we start? I'll volunteer my time, for the 3rd year in a row, if only someone would return calls and emails.

At 9:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

follow the money


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