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Linglestown Gazette: Koons Pool back in business

Monday, June 23, 2008

Koons Pool back in business

A couple kids were spotted splashing around in the lap pool Monday and new signs have been posted about the daily rate (pictured). CLICK HERE for membership rates and other pool news posted on Linglestown Gazette last week.



At 11:50 AM, Blogger Delectably Yours Home Interiors and Decor said...

I am curious if the main pool and baby pool are open as well and if not why.

If only the lap pool's clean up has been completed anyone considering paying for a membership would question if the pool will remain open after the Red Cross swim lessons are concluded in July.

The sign posted is a rather interesting advertisement. It includes a spot for a phone number yet does not include it. hmmm

At 10:50 PM, Blogger BB said...

Pool volunteers have been working on cleaning the diving pool this week (week on 6/22/08). The baby pool has been drained.

I was told that the phone service was disconnected last year. A pool official told me that the phone service was supposed to be restarted.

At 3:05 PM, Blogger Delectably Yours Home Interiors and Decor said...

No phone could be an insurance liability issue. Unless depending on a life guard to use their own cell phone is acceptable.

Pools drained or not yet cleaned while open for business could be a liability issue as well. I am not an attorney or commercial insurance agent so I don't truly know. Just thinking while typing.

Thank you very much for the info. I hadn’t seen your reply although I had a pretty good feeling what it would be. I suppose you already know I purposefully asked the question so that you would post the answer for all to see. I am truly sorry about that. I should have emailed Kristen Shatto. I will not be posting any more about the pool. I am obviously beating a dead horse trying to get the management to run it like a business. They can open it, not open it and do what ever they want just as they have been doing as long as the township continues to allow it.

“You’ll know we’re open when you see kids in the pool,” said Barto. This is the most absurd way of advertising your open for business I have heard in a long time. Everyone I’ve talked to will not pay for a membership based on hope that it will be honored. Nor will they get their children all excited dressed and ready to swim and then drive by to see if just by chance the pool is open. They are going to go where they know one is open or simply pay per day as it is will be cheaper for most than paying the membership fee.

The pool was one thing I and many of my friends truly looked forward to in summer, often as a vacation replacement. Many days several of us who own businesses or are required to work nights would meet in the afternoon or during the slow dinner period time for an hour or two. It was a nice break for the day and we could still discuss business strategies while cooling off and relaxing. It is sad when the little enjoyable things in life must come to an end. This is especially true for all the children that live close by and could walk or ride their bikes to the pool for the day. Many are now stuck in the house during hot days when they could be getting exercise swimming. It is a shame they could not see the impact their actions have on many or care. It is my sincere hope the township either takes over the management or leases out to a party that has the community’s true interest at heart.


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