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Linglestown Gazette: BB AnswerLine: Medical supplies dilemma

Friday, August 22, 2008

BB AnswerLine: Medical supplies dilemma

Question Linglestown Gazette reader TB asked me if I knew anywhere that accepts unused medical supplies. One of this relatives recently completed cancer treatments and is hoping to find someone who could make use of his unused, unopened supplies. "It just seems like a shame to end up throwing such expensive supplies into a landfill when there are undoubtedly people who could use them," wrote TB.

BB answer Apparently there is a law or regulation that makes it illegal to redistribute medical supplies in the U.S., so I put on my detective hat and launched an all-out search for an alternative solution. After making a few phone calls, I struck gold when I contacted Mission Central, a group in Mechanicsburg that accepts medical supplies and ships them to foreign countries, mainly Africa. I hope this info helps out, TB.
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