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Linglestown Gazette: Labor Day weekend news and links

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Labor Day weekend news and links

* Music at St. Thomas Roasters coffee house, located just west of the famous Linglestown flagpole, will feature Gale Gardiner, an artist from Connecticut who will be making a rare stop in the midstate, Saturday, Aug. 30, 8-10 pm, no cover.

* CD topped CD East 17-7 in the high school football season opener at Landis field.

* Another fake cop incident has been reported, this one in Derry Township. An earlier one took place in Lower Paxton and Susquehanna townships back on August 15 (CLICK HERE, see first item). Watch for a BB AnswerLine post on how to spot a police impersonator.

* Attention LP residents – trash will be collected a day late next week because of the Labor Day holiday.

* Here’s hoping you enjoy resting from your labors this holiday weekend, and thanks for checking out Linglestown Gazette.



At 4:15 PM, Anonymous Granpa Moses said...

I wonder if you would perform a public duty function. There is a bassinet that was sold at a number of large retailers in this area and was manufactured in Pennsylvania. (Simplicity, now owned by a hedge fund group) Three infants have died in these bassinets and the CPSC has issued a recall. I feel sure a number of local people in Central PA have these have these at home with infants in them and aren't aware that these are infant death traps.

These stories speak for themselves:


I wrote the Patriot News city desk but all I got was a snarly "not my department" kind of letter. That kind of attitude amazes me.

I used to be Grandpa Moses but shut that blog down. I do blog on a national political blog, but that blog doesn't have the audience or the forum to get this much needed public alert out to the local community.

Could you cover it in your blog and perhaps get it out on one of the syndicated sites and on blog Harrisburg. I noticed when I did Grandpa Moses for that short period that some of my posts showed up on the local MSNBC page.

Incidentally, I'll be back blogging about local issues. My wife has had medical problems so we had to move to a ranch home, and are still paying two mortgages. And I've got to take the Pennsylvania Bar before I can practice law (I have 25 years in that business) So my plate is full right now. But you'll see me back, possibly writing about Silver Spring and Cumberland County in the future.

I really wonder why we continue to subscribe to the Patriot News. My wife knows some of the reporters and is a frequent letter writer and contributor, but is involved in some short deadline copy editing projects so I'm not going to ask her to write the reporters she knows. But if the paper won't publish important safety news, they're not fulfilling their public duties. But this story would bring high ratings and interest, so there are some really dimly lit bulbs in that newsroom.

You should see the chain of emails I wrote pleading with them to get this story in the paper quickly.


At 8:03 PM, Blogger ng2000 said...

Another resource for you: http://www.ng2000.com/fw.php?tp=labor-day


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