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Linglestown Gazette: BB AnswerLine: Tracking down bad guys

Thursday, September 18, 2008

BB AnswerLine: Tracking down bad guys

Question ... Linglestown Gazette reader Rich Krampe wants to know why the Lower Paxton Twp. police waited 40+ days to enlist the public's help in seeking a thief? (This week the police distributed a press release about a shoplifting incident that occurred on Aug. 6, 2008.)

B² answer ... Excellent question, Rich. In many instances, retail stores, especially the big box variety, are to blame because they fail to provide surveillance video to the police on a timely basis, according to my LP police contact. Delays also occur when the one LP police officer that works with video evidence is snowed under with work. In other cases, police are not in a position to immediately send information to the media because a suspect is linked to cases that are being investigated by police detectives in other municipalities. I guess my findings explain why many crooks get away with their dirty deeds.
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