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Linglestown Gazette: Lower Paxton skate park down but not out

Monday, December 29, 2008

Lower Paxton skate park down but not out

T.W. Burger of The Patriot-News takes an in-depth look at the planned skate park at George Park that has been delayed due to the denial of a state grant application.

The project is being spearheaded by Central Penn Freedom Group.



At 6:56 AM, Anonymous George said...

I'm a dog owner willing to put money into a dog park built without using general tax revenue.

I'm a tax payer NOT willing to put any money into a 'Skate Park' (teener hangout).

I suggest the township review any number of public skate parks that have failed to accomplish desired objectives.

If there was money to be made in skate parks, someone would have built them with private funds on private land and with security and safety in mind.

Parents should have at least 1 Million dollars in insurance to cover their skateboarding kids. They do get hurt.

Cities and towns have been sued over injuries incurred in skate parks.

Rethink the idea.

At 6:09 PM, Blogger  said...

It's one thing for local governments like LP to give private groups space at public parks, but quite another for tax dollars to be used to build facilities.

The current economic downturn has spotlighted the questionable policy of using tax dollars for dog parks, skate parks and other facilities that cater to niche groups.

I'll gladly help promote the private fund-raising campaign that is planned by Central Penn Freedom Group.

At 11:41 PM, Blogger Kim said...

So many of our public parks and buildings have "no skateboarding" signs displayed. This sport isn't allowed at our baseball, football, or soccer parks, which abound in LPT. I'm sure these kids would gladly skate at Koons, Brightbill, or the other township parks, but they are banned. "A park of their own" has been their goal so they don't have to skate on our streets -- playing chicken with motorists. If you'll recall, a young boy lost his life at Lower Dauphin Middle School this year because he was skating in that area.

As for it being a teenager hangout -- have you been to Koons in the summer? Yeah, it would be a teenager hangout. That's not a bad thing. As for skaters getting hurt, don't football players? Soccer players? Even baseball players? So require helmets and the kids skate at their own risk. Kids get injured on the playground equipment! Do we eliminate the monkey bars?

I say we support the kids and adults working toward the LPT skate park. Not everybody wants to play for the Colts.

At 9:47 AM, Blogger Calymath said...

I suggest George should review any number of successful public skateparks before he shares his prejudiced uninformed opinions.


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