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Linglestown Gazette: CD food service vote sparks controversy

Thursday, May 21, 2009

CD food service vote sparks controversy

In hiring a new food service management company Wednesday night, the
Central Dauphin School Board let $108,000 slip away despite lower-than-anticipated tax revenues and next year's school budget that calls for a tax hike.

The district was guaranteed a payout by its current vendor, Nutrition Group, of $243,000 during the first year of a new five-year contract. The newly hired company, Sodexo School Services, came in with a $135,000 guaranteed figure.

Board members Christian Malesic, Justin McShane and Michael Brehm wanted to take Nutrition Group's money and run, but their six colleagues had a big problem with the way Nutrition Group came up with its tempting offer.




At 9:27 AM, Anonymous JC said...

As far as I am concerned good ridens to bad rubish. My daughter would tell me about the food quality of Nutrition Inc and it seemed to be way below par. Also my wife has applied for jobs with them in the past and their managment is a joke. I am hoping that the new service will be more nutitious and of better quality for the students. They deserve healthier options at lunch.

At 11:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rubbish isn't even the word for it. I have eaten lunch with my child before and the food was not even edible and I'm not exagerating. My parents came in to have lunch with my daughter on grandparents day and they said it was the most horrible food they ever tasted and couldn't even eat it. Hopefully this company will do a better job.

At 6:59 PM, Blogger Harry said...

I'm disappointed with McShane's comments of this being the saddest vote he's made. Obviously he has no taste in food. Whatever. The more important fact lies in that all he cares about is money.

It's great that Nutrition adjusted their figures up to $243,000. But like with Stone, I would have zero confidence in a sudden swing like that.

A swing like that suggests that Nutrition either made a very serious mistake the first time, or they're swinging their numbers to not lose business. Either option is not good, and I find it hard to trust them at this point.

Logically, you go with the next best option, Sodexho. I'm glad this is what the school board ultimately decided. I'd rather have a company you can at least trust its figures, than have Nutrition who claims to be pulling in 243K and then turns out it's only 80k, or worse, a loss.


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