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Linglestown Gazette: Fast notes: CD school board meeting

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fast notes: CD school board meeting

Below are highlights of last night's meeting:

* Approved a preliminary $149 million district budget for next school year with a 2.45 percent tax hike. For a property assessed at the district average of $129,732, the increase would be $43. Justin McShane, Christian Malesic and Michael Brehm cast no votes. A final vote on the budget will take place next month, so residents still have time to weigh in on the spending plan.

CLICK HERE to view a news brief from The Patriot-News that includes reader comments.

And, CLICK HERE for background on next year's budget proposals.

* Approved a $12 million line of credit with Commerce Bank as a short-term source of funds for implementing an energy-savings program and other maintenance projects.

* In a controversial vote, the board hired Sodexo School Services to replace the current food service management company, Nutrition Group.

Approved joining a health insurance cooperative that is expected to generate an estimated $333,000 of annual savings for the district.

* Hired a new workers’ compensation insurance broker.

* Heard a parent of a special needs student express concerns about the conduct of the principal at North Side Elementary School.



At 9:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just had our property in CD School District appraised and the appraisal came in significantly lower than the tax assessment - and the house is just 3 years old and a custom built in a development. The appraiser said houses are not selling in the District right now and that we should take the appraisal and have our taxes lowered.

Maybe you can spearhead a movement on this blog for homeowners to demand reassessments by the SD if they raise our taxes.

There is a group that just won a big suit regarding that in Alleghent County and the movement is spreading county by county across the state including some legislation being introduced about mandatory ressessment.

At 7:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nobody in my company of over 1000 people got raises this year. I don't like the idea of the taxes going up. Stagflation is coming folks..and it's gonna be ugly. Somebodies gotta pay for all these government plans...local, state and, the godzilla in the room, federal bailouts to folks who don't deserve bailing out.


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