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Linglestown Gazette: Lower Paxton notes, 07.01.09

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Lower Paxton notes, 07.01.09

Fireworks show on tap … I hope to see you at the fireworks show at Koons Park this Sunday, July 5. The first rocket will be laucnhed at 9:15 pm or so. The event sponsored by Linglestown Fire Company and Lower Paxton Twp. usually attracts a huge crowd, so be sure to show up early.

Linglestown square project update … The township is gearing up to open Blackberry Lane as a public street from Blue Mountain Parkway to Linglestown Life church on N. Mountain Road. An ordinance related to the alley will be considered during the supervisors’ meeting on Tuesday, July 7.

Blackberry Lane provides access to the new township parking lot located behind the former Chocolate Cafe that was constructed to replace parking spaces that will be eliminated by the planned square project.

The alley has a stone and packed-dirt surface that has numerous potholes. Township officials will address at a later date whether to improve the alley and whether to restrict the flow of traffic to one way, township manager George Wolfe said via e-mail.

The township supervisors have taken no action on a request made by several Linglestown merchants to make portions of Raspberry Lane located west of N. Mountain Road a public road as well. At a minimum, the supervisors want to see how the Blackberry process works out before giving additional consideration to Raspberry, said Wolfe.

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At 8:40 AM, Anonymous George Reynolds said...

The people of Linglestown Life will be at the fireworks distributing freeze pops once again this year. It is a fun way to reach out to the community. Look for us, we'll be looking for you!

At 11:32 AM, Anonymous BP Smith said...

Beening a resident of Linglestown and having Blackberry Lane as virtually my backyard, I wonder:

Will they ever treat is as an alley? Making it a normal, for lack of a better word, "street" will do what exactly?

You should come over sometime between 7:30 am and 8:30 am, then once more during rush hour and see just how FAST people driving down the alley actually drive.

I am all for the public parking to help with the local business and residents but I tire of people driving up and down the alley at upwards of 50mph.

As a side note, the parking lights that were installed in the public lot have been up for barely 3 months and someone took it upon themselves to smash them already. So they worked for a total of maybe a week? Given the fact that they face downward and affect no ones sleep, I doubt it was an good upstanding resident.

As for the "pot holes", well, they aren't merely from "run-off" but from said wreckless drivers.


At 12:17 PM, Blogger  said...

Good points, BP. Thanks for weighing in on the alley issue.

It sounds like the police need to be notified of speeding taking place on Blackberry Lane. Odds are the culprits are few in number. Maybe getting hit with tickets and fines will wake them up. You can reach the LP Police at 657-5656.

I'll check out the lights in the parking lot and notify the township of any damage.

At 12:44 PM, Anonymous Q said...

Once the roundabouts are in place, I'm guessing it would aleviate people using Blackberry Lane, as this alley is currently used to bypass the intersection of B.M. Parkway and Linglestown Road. I don't condone speeding down the alley, especially with all of the craters, but sometimes using the alley is better than waiting in line for 10 minutes. The bypass road can't come soon enough!


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