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Linglestown Gazette: CD bus drivers file unfair labor action

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

CD bus drivers file unfair labor action

The Central Dauphin Bus Drivers Association filed an unfair labor practice charge against the school district Tuesday in response to the school board hiring an outside firm to provide bus services.

CLICK HERE to review the filing submitted to the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board. (See page 2 for a description of the charges.)

Video report from WGAL TV-8.



At 9:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thats what you get for these past 3 "speedy" decisions...i.e. cafeteria, super., & transportation.

Us taxpayers are tired of this...


One happy taxpayer

At 11:24 AM, Anonymous Donna Lenker said...

It is an unfortunate situation the bus drivers find themselves dealing with at this time. School will be starting in a couple of weeks and they do not need all the unknown factors that they will be confronting - let alone the new students and parents that will be asking many questions. Just pray that they can keep their attention focused on the job at hand - getting the students to school and home safely. I worked for the District many, many years as a bus driver, driver-trainer,
Dispatcher and finally a Supervisor. Many of those years dealt with the probability of outsourcing, and during those times it was not made public and each time just seemed to fade away.
Bus drivers everywhere need to commended for the job they do, because they take on a job that most don't want to do. They are driving in all kinds of weather, sometimes emergency situations and
all the while with their backs to
anywhere from 5 to 80 students of all ages K through 12. Drivers are the best know people in the District - students, parents, teachers, coaches and office personnel, etc. - they get to know just about everyone. It is very rare that a driver goes anywhere and does see someone they know - it is actually pretty great being recognized and for a younger student to say, "Hi, Mrs./Mr.___
this is my mom or dad". Makes you feel special and appreciated. Hopefully the District will come to appreciate the people that make up the Transportation Department as a whole unit. They have been at the bottom of the pile for too many years. Had the District kept up with the repairs and new vehicles
the way they used to do they might not find themselves in the present situation.


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