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Linglestown Gazette: CD buses roll to start school year

Monday, August 31, 2009

CD buses roll to start school year

The first day of the new school year dawned today with Central Dauphin buses making their appointed stops. Behind the scenes, however, bus drivers and school officials are involved in a tense battle over outsourcing of student transportation services. Below are updates on the controversy:

* The bus drivers’ unfair labor practice complaint is being heard by a state labor official.

* The Patriot-News reveals why three school board members missed the August 10 meeting when outsourcing was approved by a 5–1 vote.

* The Paxton Herald last week refused to publish a help wanted ad submitted by Durham School Services, the Chicago-based company that is supposed to provide bus services. Why? Because Durham still does not have a contract with the district.

Other updates:

* The school board sets stage to sell an investment plan if the price is right.

* Region 3 school board candidate Melissa Van Eck has published a newsletter. (Region 3 covers Linglestown, Colonial Park, Paxtonia and West Hanover Twp.)



At 6:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The driver's have done what we do every year when school starts. They showed up,and go about getting there buses ready to go out on the road. But when we arrived we were the ones who were surprised who was waiting for us in the transportation center. Every administration staff member who has been part of this outsourcing process was there. If was a uncomfortable sitution. The rumor floated around that they were here because we were going to strike. Didn't the the Association President and Mr. Epstein do an interview on Friday evening saying that the bus driver's would be in there buses and that we would let the courts resolved this situation. How did the staff think they were going to drive the buses? You have to have a CDL and S endorement and training. Were they going to just jump into the buses, like they jumped into outsourcing transportation. The driver's will contiue to take the highroad, our passengers, the children come first.

At 11:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your right! It was a uncomfortable situation. And not one of them came from behind the glass to tell us "good morning, welcome back, drive safe, etc". We all love our jobs thats for sure. We all had every intention of coming back to work and doing what we do best!!

At 9:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One the other hand now the office staff is starting rumors about these comments on the computer. Drivers who are afraid to sign their name write anonymous, why? We are treated badly that's why..........If your honest or afraid the driver's are always wrong. We just want to work in a non hostile work environment and be treated fairly. Nobody loses here but the Drivers. We will always put the children first. Parents we will not strike, we won't break our contract!


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