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Linglestown Gazette: Latest updates on Linglestown construction

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Latest updates on Linglestown construction

Below are notes from last week’s meeting of the Village of Linglestown Committee, an advisory group that reports to the Lower Paxton supervisors.

for Linglestown Gazette

Constructions crews with Leon E. Wintermyer Inc. of Etters are continuing to push toward restoring two-way traffic in the village of Linglestown prior to Oct. 15, the state’s cutoff date for paving. In the event work is delayed, the contractor has filed for an extension of that deadline until Oct. 31 and hopes to have that request approved.

Wintermyer also hopes to complete all curbs and sidewalks this fall, and plans to go to two shifts, if necessary, to get the work done before winter. The company also intends to work through the winter as weather permits on other items including streetlights, benches and repair work as needed.

Installation of the two roundabouts and the flagpole in the square will likely need to wait until spring. Tree planting also is expected to occur next spring.

The village committee and merchants association formally praised Wintermyer for the way they have executed the project so far. The work is ahead of schedule, the cooperation between the contractor and the residents and merchants has been very good and there have been very few serious problems or complaints.

The township expects related paving work on Raspberry and Blackberry alleys to start soon and to be completed in October.



At 10:30 PM, Anonymous Brian Carl said...

According to an E-mail I received from George Wolfe (LPT Manager), Raspberry Alley is scheduled to be paved on or after 10/1 and will require about 1 week. Blackberry Alley paving is expected to start on or about 10/11 and require about 3 days. All prep. work is currently completed on both alleys.

They plan to install speed tables on Blackberry Alley after it is paved. And I would still recommend nobody travels faster than 10-15mph down either alley.


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