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Linglestown Gazette: We’ve only just begun, says Linglestown committee

Thursday, December 08, 2011

We’ve only just begun, says Linglestown committee

for Linglestown Gazette

There's no quit in the members of the Village of Linglestown Committee now that the $4 million village renovation project has been completed.

Committee members want to continue working on issues that are unique to Linglestown and plan to seek a new lease on life on Dec. 13 when they meet with Lower Paxton supervisors.

The committee has a list of members they want to have reappointed and a list of items they would like to address now that the construction project that has taken their attention for so long is essentially over.

Last month they discussed several issues related to the village:

-- Finalizing arrangements with Waste Management so trash pickups for properties along Linglestown Road are done from the alleys. This is already happening for businesses.
-- Locating bus stops in the village for CAT buses.
-- Reviewing all traffic signage along Linglestown Road and addressing the need for properly identified pedestrian crosswalks.
-- Planting of four donated evergreen trees at the corners of the square. The first one was planted for the tree-lighting event that was held Sunday.

The Linglestown Merchants' Association spokesperson indicated that the group was very pleased with the construction project. They hoped that the committee would continue to function and would continue to address matters important to the village. They mentioned the ongoing need to have the property owners maintain the new lawn areas and trees along Linglestown Road. Also, they thought it would be good to initiate some kind of beautification projects along the major streets in the village.

According to the township website, members of the village committee are Eric Kessler, Andrew Christine, Joseph Mack, James Griffiths, Gary Hoffman, John Kepler, Jerry Miller, Pastor Barry Stahl, Stuart Knade, Bill Minsker, Paul Rowe and Bill Twilley.


At 9:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I drive through Linglestown daily and I have finally gotten used to the circles. I love them. Traffic keeps moving and I have not seen any accidents. I would like to thank the Village of Linglestown Committee members for doing such a wonderful job. Linglestown now looks vibrant and alive. I say keep up the good work and keep on doing more great things.


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