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Linglestown Gazette: B² on life in Linglestown and beyond

Monday, March 26, 2012

B² on life in Linglestown and beyond

For over a decade, numerous village residents who live in the area of Koons Park have seen me afoot with my trusty, tan-colored Lab mix, Buddy (pictured).

Sadly, this spring Buddy won't be accompanying me on my regular treks in the neighborhood. Nearly 14-years-old and showing his age, Buddy got ill a few weeks ago and my family decided to do him a kindness by putting him down.

He will be missed by my family and a neighbor who fed him biscuits twice a day.


I'm peeved that modern technology has changed a father's influence on a daughter's dating activities.

Back in the day, young men who called a girl's home had to ask a parent to beckon a young lady to the phone, and phone time was limited because there was only one in most households. (Dad's are always waiting for important calls, you know.)

Dads, being dads, loved to put the fear of God in suitors of their female offspring. And, in extreme cases, tell an undesirable one to take a hike or risk living a short life.

Thanks to cell phones, using the phone to screen all would-be son-in-laws has been ushered off to the Smithsonian Institute.



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