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Linglestown Gazette: 5 Reasons CD Residents Should Be Having Sleepless Nights

Monday, May 07, 2012

5 Reasons CD Residents Should Be Having Sleepless Nights

Hello. Does anyone give a rip about this stuff?

#1 REASON:  Tonight's school board meeting agenda indicates that a superintendent will be hired without first seeking input from the public. (The meeting starts at 7 pm in the Central Dauphin East High School auditorium.)

This out-of-the-blue agenda item is disturbing when the current superintendent is still on the payroll even though he's not working as the superintendent. (He's been assigned a special project and works in a rental office.)

CLICK HERE for breaking news on this issue from The Patriot-News. (Hat tip to community activist Eric Epstein for taking time to stir up some dust on the likely hiring of Carol Johnson to succeed Dr. Gonzalez as superintendent.)

#2 REASON:  The school board and top school administrators plan to cut 74 teachers and 10 other employees and up the property-tax rate by 3.3 percent to balance next school year's budget.

#3 REASON:  If current trends continue, another significant tax hike and more teacher cuts will be needed to balance the district's 2013-14 budget.

#4 REASON:  The district relies too much on The Patriot-News to get word out about important issues.

The newspaper only sends a reporter to cover meetings, which means many important issues that happen behind the scenes never show up in print or on PennLive. For instance, the board's infamous "meetings before the real meetings" should be investigated by a journalist.

#5 REASON:  There's been limited public outcry over the proposed teacher cuts. Heck, parents in a Somerset County district went wacky over talk of 11 teachers getting the ax!



At 11:19 AM, Anonymous Scoutpylut said...

You're not a lone voice in the wilderness...but there isn't the loud roar that there should be. Budgets need balanced one way or the other and if people don't get involved prior to the budget being passed, their outrage after the passing is moot. I did expect greater transparency from this board. Thanks Bill.

At 7:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a disgruntled and unhappy CD taxpayer who also tries to balance a demanding full time job and two kids, it's not easy to go to these school board meetings after a long day at work, then to rush to make dinner, only to go to a meeting to speak and/or attend and get upset (yet again) about the lack of transparency and continued bad and questionable decisions. I'm purposely keeping my son out of the school district next year because I'm so p'oed about how this board has acted and continues to act, up to and including the assinine moves to outsource the school bus drivers' union, spending thousands on a supt. search that obviously went nowhere, and now furloughing more than 80 positions within the district ? I'm fed up and I have and will continue to make it clear at the voting booth, that is for sure. Just not sure if my public voice is enough to make a difference and continuing to express my outrage is only leading to sleepless nights and high blood pressure. I'm seriously fed up.

At 10:25 PM, Blogger  said...

Anonymous, I hear you loud and clear.

Regarding the board's lack of transparency, we really need to elect someone who adopts "transparency" as one of their top campaign planks. If elected, he or she could make noise whenever the board conducts business behind closed doors.

Also, the board and administration need to hold more town-hall meetings, even if the sessions are Internet based.

Hang in there ...

At 10:33 PM, Blogger  said...

On a related matter, I really dig it when people leave thoughtful comments like the one posted by Anonymous.

But, using "Anonymous" as your name or handle is problematic when multiple people use the same name in a comment string. (It didn't happen on this string yet, but it easily could.)

You don't have to use your real name (that's the best way), but please consider using an alias like the first commenter, Scoutpylut, did.


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