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Linglestown Gazette: Blue Mountain Parkway bypass route revisited

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Blue Mountain Parkway bypass route revisited

The route of the planned Blue Mountain Parkway bypass road appears to be a done deal, finally. The bypass, or loop road, is part of the Route 39 corridor improvement project that is supposed to go under construction in Linglestown this spring.

The Village of Linglestown Committee last week changed its recommendation for the bypass route based on new information from the Lower Paxton Township supervisors, who are responsible for approving the project.

Instead of using a route with an extension of Blackberry Alley (route "1" in photo), township officials and the village committee now agree a route that would intersect Blue Mountain Parkway north of Blackberry Alley is the best option (route "2" in photo).

My take:
I was surprised the village committee originally recommended the alley route, which would create a tight turn for large vehicles headed southbound on Blue Mountain Parkway and would have significant impacts to private properties.

The village committee struggled with this decision because the Rowe family strongly objected to the northern route because it cuts through their back yard. Also, PennDOT never said the Blackberry Alley route definitely would not work.

Clearly, the northern route is the way to go. Large vehicles southbound on Blue Mountain Parkway will have easier access to the parkway and no privately owned buildings will be affected.

Hopefully the delay in selecting the bypass route will not force construction to be postponed until spring 2008.
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At 3:48 PM, Anonymous Q said...

At least they got this right! Thanks for the update!

At 11:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure they got it right. Its a shame what this new bypass will do to ruin the Rowe homestead and yard. She has a small house and her yard becomes the family gathering place. A large family enjoys that property. The alley route is much better. It would mean an old garage would have to be taken down.No big deal. And that turn (following route #1) would slow the traffic down quit a bit when they come speeding down the parkway. The Rowes will lose too much with this new bypass route.

At 1:24 PM, Anonymous Q said...

I feel bad for the Rowe family, but the new route seems more logical as far as traffic flow goes. I do believe this is the right choice, but hey, I don't necessarily like this whole plan anyways. A bypass was definetely needed, but a traffic light at the bypass and Linglestown Rd intersection and one at the square would have been my choice to deal with the traffic issues.

At 2:56 PM, Blogger Bill Bostic, editor said...

Here are the technical reasons the Rowe family yard was deemed the best option for the Blue Mountain Parkway route:

The Blackberry Alley route has poor alignment with the existing alley, and a tight turn that may tend to limit maneuverability of larger vehicles, such as trucks, buses and emergency vehicles. (comments paraphrased)

- Jim Snyder of HRG, Lower Paxton Township's consulting engineer

"I have significant concerns about designing [the Blackberry Alley route] that is recognized as having the potential to force or encourage large vehicles to move into an opposing travel lane to make a turn." (Comment refers to large vehicles making a right-hand turn from Blue Mountain Parkway onto the bypass road.)

- Steven Stine, Lower Paxton Township solicitor


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