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Linglestown Gazette: Linglestown square project delayed again

Monday, August 20, 2007

Linglestown square project delayed again

According to minutes of the Village of Linglestown Committee, the Route 39/village square improvement project won't get started until the spring of 2008.

The project engineer blamed delays associated with the property right-of-way plan for pushing back the start of construction. He said the plan had to be changed based on PennDOT reviews.

The orginal start date was last spring, but final approval of the route for a bypass road for Blue Mountain Parkway mucked up the works last winter.

Planned improvements include two roundabouts, one at the square and one near the fire company, to slow down traffic and improve the flow of traffic through the square and Blue Mountain Parkway intersections. Also, new sidewalks and other aesthetic features will be installed along Route 39 in the village.

Lower Paxton Township has received the following funding commitments for upgrades to the village: $2.65 million in a federal Transportation Bill earmark, $1.9 million from PennDOT, and $638,445 in grant money from the state's Hometown Street program. In addition, the township was awarded a $700,000 local grant from Dauphin County.



At 9:06 AM, Anonymous Q said...

Lovely, just lovely

At 4:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm betting many of the for sale signs around the square will be posted that much longer as a result.

Really, what business in their right mind would want to open shop knowing traffic and parking will be dreadful during the construction period. Spring of '08 is just near enough a startup won't be able to build up a cash reserve for the down time. Same goes for the houses up for sale next to Leo's pizza - new owners will enjoy the calming spring chirps of backup signals and jackhammers. Or, unsold, the current owners are stuck with the expense of holding the properties. Ow.

At least when a street light is installed at the square in five or six years it will be an easy to complete project.

Admittedly, I actually like roundabouts but just don't see our square as being large enough to support an -effective- one; at least for the amount of traffic we have (it's only going to get worse after the new complex opens off Balthaser St.). If I'm proven wrong about our roundabout I'll beg atonement for my nay saying right here in this very forum.

- From PennLive.com's Linglestown forum; submitted by bakabaka

At 12:02 PM, Anonymous bakabaka said...

Thanks for including my comment here as well, BB. :)

At 1:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am holding my breath. We can't even get cross walks to get across the street on 39 or North Mountain Road. Getting kids from North of 39 or East of North Mountain Road is unsafe and has been since we moved here in 1968.So Koons park is off limits to lots of kids. There parents are afraid to let their kids cross. It's kind of like crossing a race track. How are they ever going to get a project like the square done. Just a note, the state took out the sidewalks on North Mountain Road and never replaced them. Will this happen on 39 also?

At 2:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been thru the roundabouts in other states & would have to say "they suck"! I just moved from Linglestown to FL & I cant imagine the SQ. being big "around" enough to accommadate this?? Should be interesting??? I'm also curious......Will you be able to go back & forth thru the towns main street??


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