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Linglestown Gazette: BREAKING NEWS: Koons Pool could open this weekend

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Koons Pool could open this weekend

Koons Pool spokesman Chuck Barto told a Gazette reader today that the pool could open this weekend if chemicals can be obtained to finish preparing the water for swimming. (See comments under post entitled Hump day backyard news links.)

Another reader informed me via e-mail that Barto and a small group of volunteers have committed to opening by June 16 so learn-to-swim classes can use the pool. Membership rates are the same as last year, said the reader.



At 10:45 AM, Blogger Delectably Yours Home Interiors and Decor said...

Can anyone please update on the status of the Pool? We drove by again Wed. and did not see anyone there working on it. Many members have migrated to other pools, some of us are paying per day to visit other pools awaiting the opening of this pool.

Could just doesn't cut it.

If the pool was a ball park the township would have found the $$$, water and chemicals to open on schedule and the use of phrases such as hope, could, should would never be considered. Come on Lower Paxton, get with it!

At 12:52 PM, Blogger BB said...

The township does not operate the pool – it leases the facility to the pool board. In recent years the township has awarded annual grants to the pool board. This year the grant was cut from the township budget, along with a few other grants for community groups, due to unexpected expenses.

Best bet for disgruntled former members is to contact the township supervisors at (717) 635-2616 to request that the pool board’s lease be canceled so a new group could be started to run the pool.

Of course, that means a new group would need to be formed. I know a couple people who are willing to explore heading down this road, plus there’s a community pool expert in the area who is willing to provide technical advice to a new group.

Meanwhile, I’ve been told that a work party is supposed to be at the pool on Saturday, June 14, to try to whip the place into a shape – a giant-sized job for sure.

My take on the situation is that Chuck Barto and his small band of volunteers are well meaning but lacking help and finances to make the pool fly. I’m not sure opening the pool this season is a good idea since many former pool members probably have gone elsewhere.

At 1:40 PM, Blogger Delectably Yours Home Interiors and Decor said...

Thank you for your reply! I greatly appreciate it and will take your suggestion of speaking with the township supervisors.

Most of the members know the township does not run the pool however, it is their land so they hold some responsibility to the community as any landlord would on this fact alone. If your property or mine appeared like a desolate waste land we would receive notice from the township to clean it up within a specified time frame.

I agree a new board is required for running the pool. If notices / requests had been sent out to members I know many would have helped in clean up and getting it ready. Utilizing email would have cut costs as well and I personally would have gladly taken on this task. The point being if no one knows, there is nothing that can be done to assist whether helping with the actual prep work or monetarily. Ball parks get sponsors from local businesses and the same could be done for the pool. The addition of initiation fees or optional stock purchases is common as well.

Koons lost revenue from many non-members visiting the pavilions from outside the community for picnics and took it upon themselves to simply walk into the pool free of charge. The membership base will never grow to where it is needed to break even if this continues.

Once again, communication and responsibility are key. I have been a member for several years yet have never received a membership renewal form during any time period. Responsibility lies with the owners if the tenant is not holding up their end of the agreement.

Business basics 101, your current customers are your best resource.

At 2:44 PM, Blogger BB said...

The last comment makes several good points.

I agree that the worst thing the pool board did was failing to communicate with pool members and the Linglestown community at large. It's no shame to get caught in a bad spot during a leadership transition - but it's another thing to turn a deaf ear to repeated phone calls and e-mails for info on what's happening with the pool.

Based on my chat with the township parks & rec chief, township officials have noticed the start of cleanup work and are apparently working under a wait-and-see approach at this time.


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