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Linglestown Gazette: Reader solves Sasha’s Hideaway mystery

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Reader solves Sasha’s Hideaway mystery

On a recent BB AnswerLine video, I asked for help to unravel some local history: What was the name of the establishment that was operated on the same spot along Route 39 east of the village as Sasha’s Hideway and the former Rachel’s Cafe?

It didn’t take long to get some feedback. A longtime Gazette nation member, one of LP's finest, came through with the answer …

It was known as the Quiet Inn before Sasha's and Rachel’s. It seems to me that the place also had a short life as the Piketown Cafe, which had a very rowdy crowd in the early 90’s – I was there breaking up many fights late at night.
If you have remembrances about the Quiet Inn, please post a comment or send an e-mail to the Gazette.



At 8:20 PM, Blogger BB said...

Received from Diane Boyer via e-mail ...

Prior to the Quiet Inn the establishment was Bob & Jean's and prior to that it was Polly & Jack's. They were known for their catfish – can't remember if it was cajun or blackened. Heard it was good.

At 9:05 AM, Blogger Delectably Yours Home Interiors and Decor said...

Thank you everyone for sharing the names! After reading the blog I couldn't think of them and it was driving me crazy. I recall my father speaking of them many times as his friend once owned it. My father has recently passed away and this post was a great memory. : ) Diane, my maiden name is Boyer.

At 10:53 AM, Blogger BB said...

Received from Charlie Leach vis e-mail ...

I believe you forgot one…it was also called Tanner's in between Rachel’s Cafe and Sasha's Hideaway.

At 11:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Born and raised in Linglestown

Been away for 35 years. Remember it

as Machamer,s


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