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Linglestown Gazette: CD board hears about transportation woes

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

CD board hears about transportation woes

There's no doubt that Central Dauphin School District officials have work to do over the summer to get on good working terms with bus drivers. This situation is important because unhappy and distracted bus drivers could put students in harms way.

A large contingent of drivers attended the board meeting Monday to publicly air their claims of poor working conditions and concerns that school administrators are gearing up to outsource the district's transportation department.

Following the meeting, board members Christian Malesic and Justin McShane told the bus drivers that prior to the meeting they had no inkling things were amiss in the transportation department. The drivers indicated that they plan to show up at the next meeting on June 22 in an effort to improve relations with their supervisors.

Malesic said outsourcing buses has been discussed but no formal action has been taken to make a change.

In another issue, the change to a new food service management company appears to be a done deal. McShane's motion to retain the current company failed by 6–3 vote.



At 8:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How sad for the CD school district to be losing the wonderful cafeteria service we have now. There was an apparent outpouring of support to keep the current company from many parents as well as employees, which says a lot about Nutrition. My kids have had good things to say about the variety and the food. To each their own, but I hope the next company does just as good of a job and can really give the profit they say they will...it will be a tall order!

At 9:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've never heard such controversy in any other district when a food service provider changed hands. Obviously, this is a big deal for a reason and someone should have paid more attention.

At 11:36 AM, Anonymous JC said...

My daughter and her friends had nothing but bad things to say about the food. My wife even made a visit to see the food for herself and healthy it is not. I know it is hard to get kids to eat the right things but they don't even offer well prepared un-healthy food. I hope that the new company does better.

At 11:55 AM, Blogger  said...

The school board's debate focused on the financial aspects of bids submitted by Nutrition Group and Sodexo. School officials said both companies were capable of serving quality meals.

At 2:08 PM, Blogger godofthepycohes said...

I think the public should be aware that the bus drivers who are happy with the administrators at transportation outnumber those who have problems. As a bus driver myself I can say after working for several years that I have no negative concerns. If you do your job correctly, abide by the contract, and respect those you work with THERE is no problem. Those who cry foul have unrealistic expectations and whine when caught doing something wrong!

At 9:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with the person who wrote that some of the bus drivers are happy and if you do your job and do it right: there is no problem. There is a BIG problem at Transportation and our "contract" is NOT followed. I have worked for 5 diferent coordinators and this man has his own self-serving interpretation of everything. This interpretation has caused a focus of saving money at the expense of student safety. In Mr. Lehman's direction , we were proud to be Central Dauphin Drivers with NO accidents. One of the HUGE points that needs to be UNDERSTOOD is that only "THE DIRECTOR" of transportation is guaranteed his job, with a substantial pay raise. Consequently he takes care of himself and ruins 130 bus drivers lives, benefits and RAISES OUR TAX DOLLARS. CDBDA is working for the safety and service of our fellow taxpayers, neighbors, parents and students. DON'T be silly to take a drivers word who has been here only several years, he should be seen and not heard.

At 7:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did anyone ever ask the bus drivers what they think and how they feel? You are taking people's income and benefits away from them.
The transportation coordinator gets a raise and we get dumped!! He knows nothing about a bus or any care for safety programs started back in the late 70's by Dan Lehman. THINK ABOUT IT!

At 11:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been a driver for several years, give me a break,our last director was an un professional fool! $1: a year would have been a waste of money for him, our union is Bs , We didnt get out of this union,anything except for an additional cost to the drivers, and a few high paid drivers that think they have power. Tell the truth union leader we have a very good part time job. I am sure you make $17.00 dol an hour , My last job didnt give me $1000 extra a year just to show up and do my job, we have paid eye and dental, A very fair health ins. package, not to and a retirement plan ! Why do you and your small group off supporters ( Fools )keep leaving false info on this site ?
Deb M you have showed up everyday for the last 10 years for the att. insentive, Not for the students This union has done nothing but cause us drivers trouble,You are unprofessional ! and remember. We can vote you out just as we voted you in ! We need to stand together as the majority we are. and Try to save the job that We need, STOP THE LIES ! TELL THE TRUTH, You fools may not need a job. But I and many others do depend on and are very greatfull for the great partime job , pay and benifits we do have . I am making a plea to all and I know we are many, To stand up and vote this small group of fools out and beg to keep the jobs we all need so badly , I have been looking for a job as a back up, No one is going to pay me $15.00 per hour and give me the benifits as this job. I am ashamed that I am affraid to leave my name to this, Because I would love to. But you bullies have fed us so much Bs with YOUR Union, You Have given us nothing but trouble .

I want to comment on the camreas on the busses, I feel safer ! and I feel that it has created a safer bus ride for each and every student and driver that enters a bus , I HAVE TO WONDER WHAT SOMEONE WOULD HAVE TO HIDE, THAT THEY WOULD OBJECT TO THEM ????? ARE YOU AN HONEST PERSON ? THIS IS PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION ! DONT YOU THINK THE PARENTS,THE TAX PAYERS, AND C D HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING ON YOUR BUS ! IF YOU DONT, I WOULDNT WANT YOU DRIVING A BUS FOR ANYONE !

At 12:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want to comment on the hiring of the new C D Superintendent. why would we pay so much money for an old dog . When a young pup could give us so many more years fresh and modern ideas, at a lower price, maybe we should have made an effort to keep Dr. Scholla for a few more years ,

At 4:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You got waht you wanted, LIVE WITH IT!


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