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Linglestown Gazette: Linglestown eatery updates

Monday, September 22, 2008

Linglestown eatery updates

* The Linglestown Chocolate Cafe received a pair of favorable reviews from patrons who attended the deck expansion party Friday:
We went to the cafe to sample the Troegs beer Friday night on the new outdoor patio. They have a very nice set up with dining tables, outdoor lights and a water fountain. Very relaxing. Tried the desserts and they were fantastic. Great wait staff, very friendly and truly seemed to really enjoy being there and their jobs. Would go back again. – glassygirl

Source: PennLive’s Linglestown forum, see thread #440
The place was fairly busy, busier than they had planned for. We sat outside on the new patio expansion. I like what they did with the new part. It's too bad the deck/patio had just been completed, would have been a nice summer destination.

We ordered a cup of the lobster bisque and a grilled chicken ceasar salad. Soup was excellent! Salad was pretty good as well. The Troeg's beer tasting consisted of Sandy, the owner (very nice guy by the way), pouring samples of different bottled Troeg's beer that was on display. Chocolate Cafe does not have a liquor license, so a free tasting is the only way they can provide alcohol.

Looking forward to going again and looking forward to the patio during warmer days. Heard that business has been fairly slow, so with this beer tasting and expansion they are hoping to increase business and also try to get some of the younger crowd to come check the place out – they are looking into some different advertising in order to do that. – Q-Tip

* Another Q-Tip: Smoke-free Eagle Hotel is A-OK:
I gotta say, love the smoking ban. Went to the Eagle (twice since the ban) and it is just a world of difference. Also heard their business has increased since they limited the smoking to the bar area before the ban and is looking like another increase since the ban. How about that Cantone's!

* St. Thomas Roasters coffee house is hosting a book signing for Joanne Strobert, author of Exploring Beauty: It Isn’t Only Skin Deep, this Thursday, Sept. 25, 6–8 pm.

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