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Linglestown Gazette: December 2007

Monday, December 31, 2007

Follow-up: What to drop in Linglestown?

Here are the suggestions received so far on what object to drop in Linglestown if a New Year’s Eve celebration would be held next Dec. 31 – origin of idea shown in parentheses:

marshmallow (easy and fun)
hot wings (famous offering at The Eagle; idea received two votes)
blackberry (name of an alley)
golf ball (area has many golf courses)
coffee bean (St. Thomas Roasters)
something blue (Blues streets)
homemade flying machine (George and Christ Pletz, who are buried at cemetery at St. Thomas United Church of Christ, attempted to fly a homemade flying machine in 1828)

Please post a comment if you think of an idea to toss into the hat, or vote for one of the ideas mentioned above.

CD High School in the news …

The CD mascot caper of 2007 is the focus of a Patriot-News story on whether school pranksters deserve to be punished; CD wrestlers win another tournament.

Ringing in 2008 ...

Big plans are in the works for 2008 at Linglestown Gazette, so be sure to bookmark this site, or better yet CLICK HERE to subscribe to the Gazette's FREE news feed.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Ripped over tax hike

In a letter to the editor in today's Patriot-News, a Lower Paxton Township resident goes ballistic over the tax hike recently enacted by the township.

I'm sure the paper's editors published the letter because the guy rips into elected officials, especially Bill Hornung. It seems a bit over the top since the increase is the first one since 1990 and most property owners will pay less than an extra buck a week for local services.

CLICK HERE for more info on the tax hike.

Other news:

Linglestown Baseball Association will supply the Gazette with youth baseball scores during the upcoming season; State Rep. Ron Marsico has issued a weekly roundup; A new YouTube video from BB Productions features scenes from Linglestown – CLICK HERE to view it. (The story is an inside family joke, but it's probably worth a few yuks for non-family members.)


Thursday, December 27, 2007

Getting rid of stuff

The topic of Patriot-News writer Nancy Eshelman’s column today is getting rid of things, and the infamous flagpole in Linglestown is discussed.

Two writers said they would like to see the flagpole removed from Linglestown Square.

One wrote that although it’s quaint, “this pole is nothing but
the cause of a constant traffic gridlock at that intersection. Put a traffic light up, please!”
CLICK HERE to read the entire column.


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What to drop on New Year’s Eve?

Towns across the Harrisburg region drop stuff to mark the start of a new year …

Shippensburg – anchor
Lewistown – bag of potato chips
Dillsburg – dill pickle
Hummelstown – lollipop
Harrisburg – strawberry
Lebanon – bologna stick
Strasburg – ping-pong balls

It would be fun to hold a celebration in Linglestown. What would be an appropriate object to drop? Please submit ideas by submitting a comment.

Other stuff …

State Rep. Ron Marsico reminded me today via e-mail that Farm Show week is fast approaching; Pat McLaughlin, the longtime Colonial Country Club golf professional who retired just over a year ago, experienced a fall at his home and passed away Saturday from those injuries and subsequent complications. He was 53 years old.

Village eating-out update

St. Thomas Restaurant is coming soon to the location on the square that formerly housed St. Thomas Creamery, according to new signs posted at the storefront last weekend.

St. Thomas Roasters, a coffeehouse located just off the village square, is celebrating the holidays through the end of January! They are brewing up some specials: $1.00 OFF Chai, Cappuccino, Latte or Mocha from 6 pm - 8 pm Monday through Saturday. (See coupon below.) You can use a coupon one time everyday if you like. Bring your friends, neighbors and family to settle in for a hot drink on a chilly evening.

If you take advantage of the coupon offer, be sure to tell coffee brewmaster Geof, the shop owner, that you got the coupon from Linglestown Gazette. (Click on the coupon above to get a printable version.)

The Eagle Hotel is remodeling the interior of the bar/restaurant, and the owners are trying to acquire historic pictures of Linglestown to put on display.

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Holiday message to Gazette readers


Saturday, December 22, 2007

It's beginning to look like Christmas

A couple of shots a house on Blue Grass Avenue submitted by Gazette reader Bill Landefeld ...

CLICK HERE to e-mail photos of Christmas scenes in the Lingletown area.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Square project plugging along

It looks like the square upgrade project still has a chance to break ground this spring.

Lower Paxton Township manager George Wolfe said work is continuing to acquire access to little chunks of land needed for the project from about 100 property owners, and construction bids will be sought after the land deals are in the bag.

Wolfe has told members of the township's Village of Linglestown Committee that the project's budget is tight. The start of construction could be delayed if bids come in over the available funding of nearly $4 million and the state asks the township to revise the project.

The plan calls for two traffic roundabouts, decorative streetlights, benches, stamped concrete sidewalks and trees.

Developing …

Speaking of the square …

Linglestown was featured in today’s Go! entertainment guide of The Patriot-News. The square was described as “the commercial and cultural center” of the village. Hmm, I’m not sure about the cultural tag, but it sure sounds good.

Burgers and fries to die for …

MK of West Hanover Township reports that Five Guys Famous Burgers & Fries is coming to Colonial Commons along Route 22. The store is being constructed in the location formerly occupied by Boston Market.

“I have been to several Five Guys – one in Mechanicsburg and 2 in York – and let me tell you, great food," said MK. “You will never taste burgers and fries the same again. The one that opened in Mechanicsburg even had John Mayer eat there. Cool stuff.”

Christmas fun …

I’m looking for someone in the area who has outdoor Christmas lights like this home near Pittsburgh.

Need a last-minute gift on the cheap for that special someone? If you answered “yes,” consider looking for a deal in a dumpster. CLICK HERE for how-to info. (I'm a sucker for dumpster diving stories.)


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Linglestown field won’t grow homes

The Eyster Farm, located on the eastern edge of the village north of Route 39, won’t become a housing development under its current ownership.

Landowner Eric Kessler, who heads the township's Village of Linglestown Committee, recently told committee members that a housing development would negatively impact traffic in the area. Kessler wants to build a single-family home instead, and is now constructing a pole barn on the western end of the property. Pictured is the framework of the building.

CLICK HERE for a recent Gazette video report about the Eyster Farm property.

Local tax hike now official …

In their first increase since 1990, Lower Paxton Township supervisors raised real estate taxes by 25 percent Tuesday night.

Other stuff dept. …

Bumble Bee Hollow driving range on Linglestown Road took a beating during ice storm; Lower Paxton Township resident no fan of local police; Verizon will soon extend its FiOS fiber-optic network throughout Blue Meadow Farms; Source says the new Hong Kong Ruby restaurant is open at Patton Place retail plaza.


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Linglestown has role in statewide top story

An enterprising news reporter picked up on the raging controversy over the flagpole in the square, right? Hardly. Did a bear wander off Blue Mountain and eat a small dog. Wrong again.

Here's the scoop – former state police commissioner Paul Evanko of Susquehanna Township was arrested at Linglestown square for DUI. CLICK HERE for more from WHTM abc27, including a video clip that shows the square, and, yes, the infamous flagpole.

Today's need-to-know news briefs:

Free cab rides for boozers …

In an ironic twist to the Evanko DUI story, Lower Paxton Township police offer free rides to tipsy bar patrons.

Daily dose of political correctness …

Local officials refuse to change “offensive” name of creek that runs through Lower Paxton Township.

High-tech eyes coming to C.D. school buses …

Central Dauphin School Board approved a $210,033 surveillance system for school buses Monday night.

The system is expected to reduce student mischief, keep bus drivers on the straight and narrow, and be used for driver safety training.

School board member Christian Malesic told Linglestown Gazette that a significant number of school districts in Pennsylvania and across the nation are opting to install similar systems.

Christmas photos needed …

Please e-mail photos of Christmas scenes in the Linglestown area to the Gazette. Pictured below are a home and a snowboarding Santa located along Harding Avenue.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Monday Gazette news

Ice storm cometh …

Statewide, 70,000 are still without power tonight – fortunately, most residents in the Linglestown area are not among the unlucky. I saw plenty of tree damage and a few downed utility lines Sunday afternoon

There was some excitement on Balthaser Avenue when an electrical transformer went belly up and lit up the night sky Sunday. Linglestown Fire Co. #1 was dispatched to the scene as a precautionary measure. Power was restored to homes by this morning.

Sports great visits area …

Only the over 40 crowd will appreciate this item.

Baseball hall of famer Brooks Robinson, a.k.a. the Human Vacuum Cleaner, made a stop in the Linglestown area Saturday. I have fond memories of watching Brooks play for the Orioles at Memorial Stadium in Baltimore.

Tax hike anyone?

Lower Paxton Township supervisors are scheduled to meet Tuesday night at 7:30 pm, Township Municipal Center, 425 Prince Street. Comcast cable subscribers can view a live broadcast of the meeting on channel 20.

The key agenda item is adoption of the 2008 township budget that will include a tax hike. If the budget is adopted in its current form, Koons Pool will not get its usual $10,000 grant.

CLICK HERE to view the meeting agenda.


Sunday, December 16, 2007

Santa does Linglestown


Friday, December 14, 2007

Santa is coming to town

Below is the route Santa will take as he tours the Linglestown area Sunday with the Linglestown Fire Co. #1 (click on the newspaper clip to view larger version):

Source: The Paxton Herald

TGIF Linglestown

Gigantic housing plan takes step forward …

Lower Paxton planners have given their stamp of approval for Autumn Oaks, a McNaughton Co. housing community that could bring 300 homes to farm fields off Patton Road. The plan is in the early stages of the township's review process, and McNaughton has put the project on hold due to the shaky condition of the housing market. CLICK HERE for more from The Patriot-News.

Kiss stress goodbye ...

Camp Hill woman offers formula for a stress-free life.

Church celebrates new location ...

LifePoint Church held a grand opening celebration last Sunday for its new facility in West Hanover Township, 7733 Hillcrest Avenue, just off Route 22. Below are a couple photos taken during the worship service.


Linglestown weekend

* Friday, Dec. 14 – Frank Cotolo will perform his highly acclaimed Christmas music extravaganza at St. Thomas Roasters located just off the square in the village of Linglestown, 8-10 pm, no cover.

* Saturday, Dec. 15 – Linglestown Life will present the musical "Be Not Afraid." Set in a church's rehearsal for the upcoming Christmas production, the characters learn that despite the fact that we face many fears, perfect love has come in Jesus. The program will be presented at 3:30 and 6:00 pm at the church, which is located just north of the village square.

* Saturday, Dec. 15 – Brandon Kisner will present a Christmas concert at 7 pm, Trinity Presbyterian Church, 6098 Locust Lane, located across from Dauphin County Technical School. For more info, call 545-4271.

* Sunday, Dec. 16 – Santa Claus will tour the Linglestown area courtesy of Linglestown Fire Co. #1. Kris Kringle is scheduled to make 29 stops between noon and 4:56 pm at locations marked by Santa signs. Ho, ho, ho … Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Taxing news, village update

Township tax hike a sure thing …

As reported yesterday, Lower Paxton Township is expected to raise the local property tax rate for the first time since 1990. CLICK HERE for details from today’s Patriot-News.

The news article’s headline – Sizeable tax rise seems inevitable – is misleading. The increase should be less than $25 for most property owners. My guess is most homeowners will pay $100-$200 in local property taxes in 2008, a small amount compared to property taxes paid to Dauphin County and C.D. School District.

The majority of the township’s tax revenue comes from a portion of the local tax dollars deducted from paychecks.

Dauphin County and Central Dauphin School District are not expected to hike property taxes in 2008.

Linglestown note: During Monday’s township meeting, the supervisors decided to cut the $10,000 annual donation for Koons Pool from the township’s 2008 budget. Officials said the pool is “past its prime and has sparse membership.”

Speaking of taxes …

If you’re an older Pennsylvanian, you might qualify for a state tax rebate on your school taxes this year thanks to slots gambling. Deadline for filing a rebate form is Dec. 31, 2007. Forms should be available at Rep. Ron Marsico’s office on Linglestown Road. CLICK HERE for more info.

Gazette stands corrected …

A Nov. 14 post reported that construction on a housing development near Koons Park was temporarily delayed. Wrong!

Work has begun to install building foundations for The Townes at Autumn View, an 18-unit luxury condo community located off of Griffin Street between Warren Avenue and Jerome Boulevard. CLICK HERE for a map.

CLICK HERE for an earlier post about the project.


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

White Christmas in Linglestown?

Wintry weather is once again in the forecast for Thursday and over the weekend. What are the chances that Linglestown will have a snow cover on Christmas? I predict a green Christmas, which usually is the case in south-central Pennsylvania. Post a comment to share your two-cents.

Today’s news …

Hat tip goes out to C.D. School Board member Christian Malesic for giving Linglestown Gazette a plug is his letter to constituents about the board passing his no-tax-increase resolution last week.

Linglestown woman sees four in her Girl Scout troop earn organization’s top award before her death.

It looks like Lower Paxton Township will hit Linglestown residents with a small property tax hike. Some unexpected expenses have caused an estimated $600,000 budget shortfall. CLICK HERE for the story.

Dauphin County commissioners hold line on property tax rate for 2008.

Lower Paxton police have solved the C.D. mascot caper.

A township public works crew made the rounds in Linglestown today sucking up the quagmire of wet leaves.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tuesday talking points

Tax agencies need to go …

Patriot-News editors are disturbed by audit findings for Capital Tax Collection Bureau, the agency that serves Linglestown and Central Dauphin School District.

The editorial also mentions a bill in the state Legislature that would eliminate the 559 tax collection agencies in the state. I couldn’t agree more. Today’s technology has ended the need for local tax collectors. It makes no sense trying to verify the accuracy of 559 operations. Having agencies organized at the county level makes more sense.

C.D. schools in the news …

Elementary schools are working on a project that identifies students who need extra help with reading. The project has the potential to be a model for schools in Pennsylvania and across the nation.

On other fronts, C.D. High students recently published the fall edition of The Rampage, the school’s newspaper. Below are a few interesting tidbits:

Mrs. Johnson, the new head principal, wakes up at 3 am to exercise. … Believe or not, the school’s administration is enforcing the school’s dress code, including the “three-rule rule” and the short-skirt rule. … The school’s career center is described as a “hidden treasurer.” … Kara Pine opines that HPV immunizations will benefit young women’s long-term health. … Alison Hoachlander warns against being geographically illiterate. … Michelle Deaven urges young adults to be politically active and vote.

Flagpole controversy …

The planned renovation of the village square has brought numerous calls from participants on a PennLive.com forum for the flagpole to be mowed over or relocated. One person claims to have hit the pole with a car. (See #270.)

Truth be told, the flagpole is here to stay. CLICK HERE for a sensible overview of the situation.


Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday medeley

Lower Paxton Township supervisors are scheduled to hold a workshop session Tuesday night, Dec. 11, at 7:30 pm, Township Municipal Center, 425 Prince Street. This meeting will not be televised.

Autumn Oaks housing development, a planned McNaughton Company community with 300 dwelling units planned along Patton Road, is on the agenda. Also, the soccer field complex proposed by CASA along Wenrich Street will be discussed.

CLICK HERE to view the agenda.

Linglestown Colts midget football association has elected new officers, and is sponsoring a winter indoor flag football league for 6th, 7th and 8th graders.

A Lower Paxton Township resident shares a Christmas memory of a simpler time.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Gazette feedback

Here's a question submitted by Amy …

Is Sakara open for lunch?

Good question, Amy. I haven't checked out the Japanese restaurant at Patton Place plaza, which is located about a mile west of the village of Linglestown along Route 39. A reader submitted the news tidbit.

Dose anyone know if this eatery has opened?

Pat writes …

Had dinner at the Eagle last night and we loved it!! The food was great (as always) but they remodeled in there and it looks really nice! No smoking in the dining room and we had a really friendly waitress!! Will go back again – we really have been missing out on this gem!

Speaking of the Eagle …

I found this post on TortsProf Blog:

Several times a year, my colleagues and I like to have lunch at the Eagle Hotel in nearby Linglestown. During my last visit, I was intrigued to see on the menu that anyone ordering "suicide hot wings" had to sign a "disclaimer." I asked the waitress for a copy of the disclaimer, and she brought me a document that reads:

WARNING, SUDDEN DEATH sauce is extremely spicy. I, __________, agree to hold the Eagle Hotel harmless.

I am purchasing Sudden death sauce at my own risk. I further agree not to hold the Eagle Hotel liable for any adverse effects it may cause.

_________________________ (Signature) ____/_____/_____ (Date)

Apparently, the wait staff really does require a signature before the wings are put on the table. The waitress told me that the use of the disclaimer began as a joke. However, she said, they soon felt more comfortable about serving the wings.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Linglestown, Pasta Town U.S.A.

What things do you associate with the quaint village of Linglestown? Most likely the flagpole, St. Thomas Roasters, Chocolate Cafe, the Eagle and pasta come to mind.

Wait a Dauphin County minute. Did I just punch out "pasta" on my crusty keyboard?

It's true. There’s an office park located in the outskirts of Linglestown along Route 22 that is home to New World Pasta Company, North America’s leading marketer and supplier of branded dry pasta and noodles.

Next time you see a box of San Giorgio or Ronzoni pasta at your favorite grocery store, think Linglestown.

Please, don’t waste your weekend looking for a pasta plant in the Linglestown area. The company is only headquartered here.

I know very little about the company beyond today’s announcement of a new CEO being hired, and that it filed for bankruptcy in 2004.

But, if this company makes it big, the village of Linglestown could become another Hershey. Imagine having in our backyard Pastaland Amusement Park, Pasta Hotel & County Club, Pasta Performing Center, and, of course, Pasta Noodles pro hockey team.

Go Noodles!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Linglestown weekend

* Friday, 7 pm – Lower Paxton Township's Friendship Community Center will hold its annual Holiday Tree Lighting. Enjoy free food, entertainment and a chance to win a Wii.

* Sunday, 10 am – LifePoint Church will hold a grand opening celebration at its new facility, 7733 Hillcrest Avenue, West Hanover Township. CLICK HERE for more info.

Upcoming events ...

* Saturday, Dec. 15 – Linglestown Life will present the musical "Be Not Afraid." Set in a church's rehearsal for the upcoming Christmas production, the characters learn that despite the fact that we face many fears, perfect love has come in Jesus. The program will be presented at 3:30 and 6:00 pm at the church, which is located just north of the village square.

* Saturday, Dec. 15 – Brandon Kisner will present a Christmas concert at 7 pm, Trinity Presbyterian Church, 6098 Locust Lane, located across from Dauphin County Technical School. For more info, call 545-4271.

* Sunday, Dec. 16, 2 pm – Linglestown Legion Children's Christmas Party featuring the Zembo Clowns, the Magician, and of course Santa Claus; reservations required, call 545-6721 for more info.

Linglestown news links

Report card issued for new Geo's …

Restaurant critic Mimi Brodeur of The Patriot-News gives her take on Geo’s County Oven. If you’ve tried their fare, please share your thoughts by posting a comment.

Tax bureau told to make improvements …

Capital Tax Collection Bureau, the agency that collects local taxes deducted from paychecks earned by Linglestown residents, needs to strengthen its computer security, according to a report released Wednesday.

C.D. sports nugget …

C.D. Rams upend C.D. East Panthers 46-36 in a turnover laced girls basketball grudge match.

Linglestown Community Garden Club news …

The club recently purchased two new flower urns in honor of charter member Ann Deibler. They were placed at the entrance to the Linglestown Fire Hall. The club holds its meetings at the fire hall.


Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Wednesday mishmash

Cheers for honor roll students …

CLICK HERE to check if your favorite student(s) at Central Dauphin High School made the honor role for the first marking period.

State tech grant helps C.D. schools …

Central Dauphin School District has received a $368,155 state education grant for technology upgrades. The district plans to use the money to provide laptops and other computer equipment for English classrooms and teachers in both high schools.

Panthers beat Rams in b-ball …

Quion Gunning led his C.D. East High Panthers to a 75-65 basketball win last night over rival C.D. High Rams. CLICK HERE for game report from The Patriot-News.

Turkey Hill robbers nabbed …

A man and two boys have been charged with string of heists at convenience stores in Swatara and Lower Paxton townships.

The Turkey Hill market on Mountain Road was robbed late last month.

In lieu of Christmas cards …

Letter to the edition in The Patriot-News offers a “bright idea” for spreading some Christmas cheer to the less fortunate.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

VIDEO: Linglestown Christmas tree lighting


EXCLUSIVE: C.D. residents to avoid tax hike, finally

Updated at 4:20 pm ...

Linglestown-area property owners won't get hit with a school property tax hike in 2008, ending the string of consecutive annual increases at seven.

Central Dauphin School Board member Christian Malesic informed Linglestown Gazette this morning that his no-tax-increase motion was passed by the board Monday night.

The board was forced by state law to adopt a resolution on the school property tax rate even though the budget for the 2008-2009 school year won't be formally introduced until after the New Year.

For additional info on last night's vote, see a comment from Malesic on this post, and check out the Linglestown Forum on PennLive.com, see #267 and #268.

In other business, the board is considering a notification system that would quickly inform parents if a school bus broke down or a snowstorm disrupted classes.


Monday, December 03, 2007

Monday, Monday

Name that tune ...

What musical group is famous for doing the song named in the headline of this post? Post a comment if you think you know the title – no Googling allowed.

O Christmas tree …

Tree lighting took place at the village square last night followed by refreshments at Murphy’s Automotive. Check back for video.

C.D sports update …

Girls basketball team finished second at the C.D. Tip-Off Tournament. Downingtown East bettered the Rams in the final by a 46-31 count, reports The Patriot-News. C.D. was the state’s third-ranked Class AAAA team coming into the tourney, according to the Centre Daily Times out of State College, Pa.

Boys basketball team was crowned champions in the York Suburban Tip-Off Tournament. Desi Washington scored 10 of his 23 points in the fourth quarter as the Rams pulled away for a 77-66 win over the host Trojans in the final, The Patriot-News reports.

C.D. grapplers won Saturday night’s Top Hat Wrestling Tournament at Williamsport High School, ending Cumberland Valley’s two-year reign at the prestigious event, according to The Patriot-News. The Rams are considered by those in the know to be one of the top-rated wrestling teams in the state.

Lower Paxton Township meeting …

Lower Paxton Township supervisors are scheduled to meet Tuesday night at 7:30 pm, Township Municipal Center, 425 Prince Street. Comcast cable subscribers can view a live broadcast of the meeting on channel 20.

There’s no link available to the meeting agenda because the township’s Webmaster is under the weather.


Sunday, December 02, 2007

Proposal on tap to put lid on C.D. taxes

Taxpayers in the Central Dauphin School District have been hit with property tax hikes for seven years in a row, and eight out of the last 10.

Many people are fed up with the trend, says school board member Christian Malesic, who talked with hundreds of people while on the campaign trail during the last year. Based on his chats with residents, he adopted the campaign slogan "Better education without more taxation."

Malesic is attempting to be true to his campaign theme. He told Linglestown Gazette that he plans to offer a motion at the board meeting Monday night to keep the tax rate at the current level in next year's school district budget.

He explained that the school district would receive increased revenue even with no tax hike because new commercial and residential development has occurred over the last year.

For the no-tax-increase proposal to pass, five school board members need to vote for it. Malesic said he felt fairly confident his motion would get at least four yes votes, and a fifth member could be on the fence.