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Linglestown Gazette: August 2008

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bassinet sales halted after death

This consumer-safety alert was brought to my attention by a Gazette reader. I've seen articles about this tragic situation on national wire services, but I decided to post it here just in case parents of newborns in the greater Linglestown area are not in the know.
Attention parents of infants – If you are using a "close-sleeper/bedside sleeper" bassinet made by Simplicity, be sure to check out the two links below to see if your model is the one that has caused the death of at least two infants:

* U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission press release (includes photo), dated Aug. 27, 2008

* Washington Post article, dated Aug. 29, 2008.


Labor Day weekend news and links

* Music at St. Thomas Roasters coffee house, located just west of the famous Linglestown flagpole, will feature Gale Gardiner, an artist from Connecticut who will be making a rare stop in the midstate, Saturday, Aug. 30, 8-10 pm, no cover.

* CD topped CD East 17-7 in the high school football season opener at Landis field.

* Another fake cop incident has been reported, this one in Derry Township. An earlier one took place in Lower Paxton and Susquehanna townships back on August 15 (CLICK HERE, see first item). Watch for a BB AnswerLine post on how to spot a police impersonator.

* Attention LP residents – trash will be collected a day late next week because of the Labor Day holiday.

* Here’s hoping you enjoy resting from your labors this holiday weekend, and thanks for checking out Linglestown Gazette.


Friday, August 29, 2008

Vote on mountainside development delayed

The expected vote by the Lower Paxton Township supervisors this Tuesday, Sept. 2, to approve a mountainside, luxury housing development proposed by McNaughton Homes has been delayed.

McNaughton could have forced a vote, but company officials decided to put it off to allow time to update the supervisors on issues raised by Centennial Acres residents during a meeting held Wednesday at the township Municipal Center, said Joel McNaughton, spokesman for the developer.

The main concern raised at the meeting was issues related to large storm water ponds that McNaughton wants to construct on the lower slopes of Blue Mountain. For more details, jump over to an article by Patriot-News beat reporter T.W. Burger, and check out a BB op-ed.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Backyard news and links, 08.28.08

* Get to know Jesse Rawls Jr., new principal at CD East High.

* In this week’s edition of The Paxton Herald, former Lower Paxton Twp. supervisor Jay Purdy (pictured) says the Central Dauphin School Board should do something about board member Christian Malesic using the district’s logo on his informational mailings. (For background info, CLICK HERE and see the second item.) Purdy was a write-in candidate in the school board race that Malesic won last November.

* The two state lawmakers that represent our area, Sen. Jeff Piccola and Rep. Ron Marsico, have proposed bills that would hit General Assembly members in the pocketbook if passage of the state budget misses the June 30 deadline.

* Speaking of Sen. Piccola, he will hold a town meeting at the East Shore Area Library on Saturday, Sept. 13 from 11 am to noon.

* The Twitter box is baaaaack! Check it every time you stop by for breaking news and community event reminders.


How to avoid property owner heartaches

An op-ed by BB ...

I've seen it happen dozens of times over the years – a housing developer spends months, sometimes years, working to get a plan approved, and then adjoining and nearby property owners catch wind of what’s in the works when the proposal is up for final approval. There’s plenty of heartache and gnashing of teeth, as local officials have no choice but to OK a plan that has a ton of last-minute opposition.

This scenario is playing out right now in Lower Paxton Twp. for several property owners who live in Centennial Acres located off of Patton Road. They are about to have their view of Blue Mountain permanently altered by a 91-home development planned by McNaughton Homes. Residents are nervous, and rightly so, about the need for large ponds to be constructed to control storm water. These monstrosities will hold hundreds of thousands of gallons of water and will tower above their homes on the mountainside. Who wants the majestic Blue Mountain to be altered like this? No one.

But township zoning regulations allow homes to be built there and McNaughton has been working to meet government requirements associated with their plan since September 2007, while the overwhelming majority of Centennial Acres residents who are fretting got involved earlier this month. For good and not so good reasons, they entered the game in the ninth inning, two outs and a batter at the plate who has two strikes.

The residents, who have been assisted by Eric Epstein of citizens group SWAN, have done an admirable job trying to get their concerns addressed prior to Tuesday, Sept. 2, when the township supervisors will put their stamp of approval on the plan. I think they have a shot at getting the supervisors to require fencing around the man-made ponds to help deter kids from jumping into deep water during wet weather. Maybe, if they’re extremely lucky, the supervisors could require McNaughton to put money on deposit to cover costs if the ponds don’t work as planned and existing flood problems in Centennial Acres worsen.

So, what can you do to avoid similar emotional trauma? It’s simple – be diligent. Although it gets pooh-poohed all the time, a responsibility of all U.S. citizens is to monitor what politicians and government bureaucrats are doing, and local government is usually the source of most heartaches.

Yeah, yeah, I know … that’s easy to say but hard to do. Or is it?

Instead of you trying to do all the legwork, become a regular reader of Linglestown Gazette and the Web site published by SWAN, and check the meeting minutes posted on Lower Paxton's Web site. I try to post links to township meeting agendas and preview big issues that are up for discussion, and SWAN sends members to nearly every township meeting so they can produce online newsletters about Lower Paxton governmental affairs.

Kiss heartaches away. Diligence is only a few clicks away!

- For details about McNaughton’s proposed housing community, check out an article from The Patriot-News by beat reporter T.W. Burger.

- Using a feed is great way to automatically find out when new information is added to Linglestown Gazette. I use an online feed reader called Bloglines. To get a FREE feed to this blog, click the orange icon or the link “Subscribe to Linglestown Gazette” that are located in the right-hand sidebar.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Backyard news and links, 08.27.08

* Remember the warnings signs (pictured) that showed up a few weeks ago around the perimeter of Koons Park? Well, our friend at The Patriot-News, beat reporter T.W. Burger, passed along word today that Lower Paxton Twp. police will not charge the person who posted the signs. Get the full scoop by jumping over to Burger’s story.

* I read a Patriot-News article today about ongoing, never-ending efforts by East Pennsboro Twp. to keep up with the demand for athletic fields. I’m not sure if sports organizations in Lower Paxton Twp. are clamoring for more space, but there seems to be a need in the Linglestown area where 17 Linglestown Colts youth football teams share the gridiron at Koons Park, and at least six teams are divvying up playing time at the park’s full-sized baseball field.

* I tried to find out who has contracted to purchase the former Mobil gas station located on N. Mountain Road next to 1st National Bank of Marysville – it’s the one that currently has a huge crater where an underground gas tank was located. Bill Gladstone, the real estate agent handling the sale, told me he should be in a position to reveal who the buyer is in about two weeks.

* Are you ready for some high school football? CD Rams and CD East Panthers will do battle on Friday, 7 pm at Landis Field.

* I met Gazette reader Joel McNaughton for the first time today, and he informed me that the owners of the area’s newest dining experience, Mount Hill Tavern on Colonial Road across from 3 B Ice Cream, also operate a trio of restaurants in the State College area, including Zola New World Bistro, which has a rocking Web site. Hey, if you've tried out the new tavern, please post a comment about your experience.

* As you've probably noticed, the Twitter box in the right-hand sidebar is on the fritz. The maker of the widget says he's trying to get the problem resolved. By the way, if you're a Twitter geek, friend me up by CLICKING HERE.

* Eric Epstein (pictured), who has been one of the fill-in radio hosts for WHP's Bob Durgin while he recovers from heart surgery, told me that he mentioned Linglestown Gazette on-air four times this week. I owe you big time, dude!


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How to help fire victims

Gazette contributor Q has passed along info on helping to the family whose home in Blue Meadows Farm was destroyed by fire Saturday. Send donations to:

Shirk Family Relief Fund
319 Terrace Rd
Mt Joy, PA 17552
Source Link

Watchdog group keep tabs on LP

Below are three items of interest for Linglestown area residents. They appeared in the latest newsletter published by Stray Winds Area Neighbors, better known as SWAN. Well-known political and nuclear power activist Eric Epstein heads up the Lower Paxton Twp. watchdog group. Be sure to check out their Web site, and thanks to SWAN members Watson Fisher and Ted Robertson for penning the news briefs.

* The group operating Koons Park Pool is seeking financial help from LP Twp. A pool representative told the LP supervisors earlier this month that the pool had a financial deficit of just over $4,000, and the red ink would likely grow to as much as $6,000 by the end of the season. The pool also was a point of discussion at the August meeting of the LP Parks and Recreation Board. They noted that the pool's long-term operation is in doubt due to upgrades needed at the aging facility, and discussed the possibility of getting grant money to rebuild the pool or to build a new facility somewhere else, possibly Wolfersberger Park, which is undeveloped parkland located along Wenrich Street.

* Linglestown Football Association is seeking help from LP Twp. to upgrade the football field turf at Koons Park after this season at an estimated cost of over $23,000. The field is used by 17 youth football teams. No decision on the request was made, but LP Parks and Recreation Department director Brian Luetchford said annual topdressing and reseeding would most likely be adequate.

* LP Twp. supervisors recently signed off on a new agreement for South Central EMS to provide emergency medical services to township residents that calls for the yearly contribution to go from $112,000 to $224,000. The increase was needed to due decreased subsidies from federal, state and local sources and the increase in fuel and other costs.

Source: SWAN Newsletter #28 – July 24 to August 13, 2008

One month to live ...

Are you suffering from "someday" syndrome – always waiting for someday when your schedule calms down, your finances improve, or your kids grow up so you can begin to live the life you've always dreamed of?

What if you only had one month to live? How would you make each day really matter? What would you start, or stop, doing? After the initial shock, you'd probably resolve to squeeze all you could from the days that remain. You'd say what you really think. You'd love with abandon. You'd focus on whatever you care about most. In short, you'd stop wasting precious time, and in whatever time you had left, you'd throw yourself into becoming the person God intended you to be.

Make each day matter and discover how to live your life with no regrets. Join Linglestown Life this September for the new series, One Month To Live, based on the book of the same name by Chris and Kerry Shook. Isn’t it time to embrace the “you” God created you to be – passionate, fully alive, and living without regrets?

Anyone is welcome to learn more about getting involved in the series by visiting the church's Web site and following the link to One Month to Live. Details about how the series can impact your life can be found at the Linglestown Life's One-Month-to-Live blog.

Backyard news and links, 08.26.08

Lower Paxton Twp. supervisors will conduct two meetings at the Municipal Center tonight – sewer authority at 6 pm, and a township business meeting at 8 pm. ... In Central Dauphin School District news, a principal from York has been hired to lead CD East High, and a Swatara Twp. resident offers an idea for improving student academic achievement at CD East that is sure to make parents of CD High students go bonkers. ... LP police say speed caused Sunday’s fatal car crash on Locust Lane.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Linglestown Colts go 2 for 3 on opening day

Linglestown Colts varsity midget football team was overpowered Sunday by the Mechanicsburg Wildcats in the season opener at Koons Park. Mechanicsburg jumped out to an 18-0 lead in the first quarter and cruised to a 38-6 win. Linglestown’s highlight was a 75-yard kickoff return for a touchdown in the third quarter by Colts speedster Drew Scales. The Colts played hard, but were overmatched by a much bigger Wildcats team. The midget division features players who are age 14 and under with a maximum weight of 148 pounds.

Linglestown teams upended Mechanicsburg in the two other games contested Sunday at sun-drenched Koons Park:

* Colts Pee-Wees 18, Wildcats 12 (age 10 and under with maximum weight of 96 pounds)

* Colts Pony 18, Wildcats 9 (age 12 and under with maximum weight of 120 pounds)

Colts varsity teams travel to meet West Shore Vikings next Saturday, Aug. 30, 3 pm at a field in Wormleysburg. Junior varsity games start next week – check the Linglestown Football Association's Web site for schedules.

HELP WANTED: If you like seeing youth football coverage on Linglestown Gazette, please consider being a Gazette contributor by jotting down game scores and highlights, and sending the info to BB. You don't have to be a writer – BB will do all the heavy lifting to produce game summaries. To volunteer to cover a varsity team (Pee-Wee, Pony or Midget), send BB an e-mail or call him at 512-0722.

Photo: Linglestown Colts player Erick Boone ( #8 in blue jersey) breaks into the open during second-half action in the Pony division game. Also pictured is Nick Notestine (#21),Justin Salak (#73) and Raleigh Sirb (#42).


Linglestown cemetery may lose its tombstones

WHP TV-21 produced a video report on the old cemetery located on the west side of the historic village that is owned by Linglestown Church of God. For a link to a Patriot-News article on the same topic, check out "BB's Linglestown notebook" that was posted Saturday.


It's that time again ...

Where did the summer go? The school year gets under way today in Central Dauphin School District. Parents, it's vacation time!

Photo: Kindergarten and elementary students board a bus in front of the Gazette newsroom.


LP police seek info on car crash death

Click the above headline for details about an early Sunday morning mishap on Locust Lane.


Sunday, August 24, 2008

CD band fair on tap this Wednesday

The Central Dauphin High School Ram Marching Band kicks off its 2008-09 season with it 11th annual Band Fair and Pigskin Preview, Wednesday, Aug. 27 at Landis Field, 4600 Locust Lane, starting at 5 pm.

The fair features performances, food and games and ends with the Pigskin Preview that includes the cheerleaders, football team and preview of the band's field show.


CD school board to meet Monday

The Central Dauphin School Board will meet Monday, Aug. 25, in the Lecture Hall of Central Dauphin East High School. The meeting will begin at 7 pm and the public is invited to attend.

I reviewed the meeting agenda on the district’s Web site, and the only item of interest that I spotted is under New Business, board member Justin McShane has requested to speak about the finance committee, Title I funding, and the school board.

Last meeting, McShane and fellow board member Christian Malesic apparently were miffed by not getting appointed to a newly formed finance committee. They had lobbied for some time to have such a committee as part of the board.


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Linglestown family displaced by house fire

A family in Blue Meadows Farm housing community lost their home early this morning in a fast-moving fire, according to a news brief published online by The Patriot-News.

Dauphin County dispatched Linglestown Fire Company for a deck fire early in the 1 am, but crews arrived to find a well-involved two-story house, according to a news brief on the fire company's Web site. Firefighters worked the fire scene for about nine hours.

Gazette contributor Q sent me this exclusive Q-Tip:

A passerby spotted a fire on a house deck on J K Drive and banged on windows to warn the family. They tried to put out the fire, but flames spread to a grill and caught the tank. The family was not injured, but their dog could not be rescued. The cars survived, but they don't have anything – no wallet, no keys, no credit cards, nothing left. The local American Red Cross chapter is putting them up in a hotel for two nights.

The family is a younger couple with two children ages 2 1/2 and 1. My wife and I talk with them on occasion while walking or at the playground. Our neighbor is going to put together a flyer asking for donations.

Triple Crown Corporation, the developer of Blue Meadows Farm, has offered the family a townhouse in the development and is willing to furnish it for them. (The arrangement is contingent upon the home insurer's approval.)

A Gazette reader spotted the fire as he was leaving Blue Meadows Farm and shot 10 minutes of video that is now posted on YouTube.


BB’s Linglestown notebook

* Linglestown got some ink in Friday’s edition of The Patriot-News. Beat reporter T.W. Burger filed an interesting story about the fate of an old, old cemetery (pictured) owned by the Linglestown Church of God.

* Speaking of Burger, I had the pleasure of meeting Terry in person for the first time this week. We broke bread and swapped stories at St. Thomas Restaurant just prior to his meeting with church officials to gather information about the cemetery. I discovered his wit and storytelling prowess when he penned a column entitled "Burger To Go" that appeared weekly in The Patriot-News. The paper dropped the column a few years ago, but you can still read Terry’s latest musings on his blog.

* After an intense week of following Linglestown Twilight baseball, it’s now time to make the transition to football as the Linglestown Colts varsity teams start their season tomorrow (Sunday, Aug. 24) at Koons Park against the Mechanicsburg Wildcats, first game at 1 pm. I tentatively plan to attend the midget division contest and file a report about what takes place on this blog.

* Kudos to the LP parks crew and the football association for greening up the gridiron at Koons Park.

* I chatted with Village of Linglestown Committee member Bill Minsker about the upcoming square and village improvement project. He said construction is still tentatively scheduled to start next spring. He did pass along a new tidbit – enough property owners along Linglestown Road in the historic section of the village want to hook up to the public water system for a waterline to be installed as part of the project.

* My buddy Frank Cotolo and his traveling musical extravaganza is once again booked to appear on the stage at St. Thomas Roasters coffeehouse on Friday, Sept. 5, 8-10 pm, no cover. Be sure to mark this date on your social calendar!

* Last but not least, here’s an update on the mowing contest – The dry patch of weather that we’re experiencing has caused BB’s mowing count to be stuck at 21 since Aug. 4.


Friday, August 22, 2008

BB AnswerLine: Medical supplies dilemma

Question Linglestown Gazette reader TB asked me if I knew anywhere that accepts unused medical supplies. One of this relatives recently completed cancer treatments and is hoping to find someone who could make use of his unused, unopened supplies. "It just seems like a shame to end up throwing such expensive supplies into a landfill when there are undoubtedly people who could use them," wrote TB.

BB answer Apparently there is a law or regulation that makes it illegal to redistribute medical supplies in the U.S., so I put on my detective hat and launched an all-out search for an alternative solution. After making a few phone calls, I struck gold when I contacted Mission Central, a group in Mechanicsburg that accepts medical supplies and ships them to foreign countries, mainly Africa. I hope this info helps out, TB.
BB AnswerLine is a free service provided by Linglestown Gazette and its subsidiary Linglestown TV.

CLICK HERE to submit a question via e-mail – please put “BB AnswerLine” in subject line.

Backyard news and links, 08.22.08

* In school district news, CD East High might get a new principal soon, and CD High School announces fourth-marking period honor roll.

* Some people in East Hanover Twp. believe a proposed zoning changed needed for building a shopping center at the intersection of Routes 39 and 22 would ruin the “rural country setting.”

* Update on baby death case in Lower Paxton Twp.

* Friday evening’s big event is a FREE showing of the The Incredibles at Linglestown Life. Check out this post for more info.

* The featured musical artist Friday at St. Thomas Roasters coffee house located in the village square is the one, the only Jim Baker, 8-10 pm, no cover.

* West Hanover Winery will host its final outdoor concert of the season Saturday evening. Two groups are scheduled to play – News Dimensions and Flash Point Band. More info is available on the winery’s Web site.

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Twilight baseball finale ...

Twilight playoff championship notes ... Winning pitcher Steve Booker had a 132-pitch outing in Wednesday's game, struck out nine and only walked three. His record for the season was 3-0 with a 1.33 earned run average, and he had an outstanding 37 Ks in the 27 innings he pitched. … Nolan Shaffer, Valley View’s pitcher, was a tough cookie for Linglestown batters to crack in the final series. He only gave up one run in winning game #2 at Valley View last Friday, and made Twilight work extremely hard to scratch out three runs last night. … A.J. Granito, who retired after last season, got the itch to play again after finishing some classes this summer and accepted coach Econ’s invitation to play halfway through the season. The decision turned out to be a good one – Granito got the call to pinch hit in the eighth inning and delivered the winning hit! … Linglestown Gazette’s playoff MVP goes to first baseman Sean Frailey, who stroked a double in the seventh inning that led to the tying run being scored. In the five official games of the final series (one game was thrown out due to a tie), Frailey went 8-for-14 (.571 avg.) with three singles, two doubles, three knocks that went back, back, back, outta here and five runs batted in. He also was rock solid in the field at first base. Awsome job, Sean! … Where’s Rhys? Secret weapon Rhys Wolford came up big in the season finale. He scored the tying run as a pinch runner for first baseman Sean Frailey in the seventh inning when Jason Kelly singled up the middle, and then made a clutch diving catch while playing first base in the eighth on an attempted bunt. Way to go, Rhys! ... Coach Steve Econ said Valley View not only was a good ball team, but they also showed a lot of class when some of their players came over after the game to personally congratulate a number of Twilight team members. … The game was one of the few in team history that was covered by a local TV news crew – WHP TV-21 sent a cameraman who filed a great video report. (A bootleg copy of the report is posted below.) ... According to former Twilight coach and longtime fan Bob Kemmler, the last time Twilight won both the regular season and playoff championships was way back in 1969. … The team’s season record was 35 wins, 11 losses and 4 ties. … Bill Di-space-Santo (Di Santo) had a dream come true – he showed up in a photo published in today’s Patriot-News, and his name was spelled correctly. BB made sure the photographer knew about the all-important space. … BB had a wanna-get-away moment while making the rounds high-fiving and hugging players after the big win. When I congratulated catcher Bryan Stovall, who is soon headed back to classes at Millersville University, he got one of those hurt-puppy-dog looks on his face. It turned out that I had mindlessly called him Frailey. Oops!

Source:WHP TV-21

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Twilight wins playoff title in dramatic fashion

Linglestown Twilight needed an extra inning and clutch hits Wednesday by Brian Zellers and A.J. Granito to defeat Valley View 3-2 and win their second straight East Shore Twilight League playoff championship.

For game details, jump over to a story by Bob Black of The Patriot News, and check out the paper's The Sports Blog for a great photo by Patriot-News photographer John Whitehead.

A monster-sized set of Twilight notes is located in the post above this one.

2008 East Shore Twilight League champs

Back row, left to right: Sean Frailey, Bryan Stovall, Josh Muscalus, A.J. Granito, Jason Kelly, Sam Phillips, Sean Kelly, Bill Di Santo, Brad Sanders, Pete Hayden, Steve Booker, Nick Barbera, Brian Zellers

Front row, left to right: Jim Miller, Scott Montgomery, Rhys Wolford, Jack Muscalus, Ken Connor, Shawn Berwager, Coach Steve Econ

Missing from photo: Aaron Confer

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Joys of victory

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Twilight one win away from championship

In a replay of Monday's tied game, Linglestown Twilight soundly defeated Valley View 9-4 Tuesday at Valley View Gun Club in Schuylkill County. The win gives Twilight a commanding 3-1 lead in the best-of-seven East Shore Twilight League final series. For a game summary, jump over to a report published published in today's Patriot-News.

Twilight can wrap up their second straight championship this evening at Koons Park, 5:45 pm game time, FREE admission.

Twilight notes Brad Sanders got the mound assignment and came through with a clutch complete-game win. (9 hits allowed, 3 strikeouts, 1 walk allowed). … Middle infielders Sam Phillips (shortstop) and Nick Barbera (second baseman) turned a beautiful double play in the seventh inning to defuse a potentially big Valley View rally. … First baseman Sean Frailey’s torrid streak at the plate continued with a two hit, one RBI game that included a two-bagger. … Also heating up this week has been Jason Kelly who matched Frailey with two hits and a run batted in. In Monday’s game, Kelly swatted a triple in the final inning that plated two runners in Twilight’s stunning four-run final inning that tied the score and forced a replay Tuesday. … Hopefully Steve Booker, who operates a FedEx route, will deliver a win tonight as the scheduled hurler. To get to the game on time, he plans to drive to the game in his truck. … Where’s Rhys? All-world hurler and utility player Rhys Wolford was preparing to begin fall classes at Shippensburg University and missed last night’s game. Bummer! … BB snagged a line drive and caught an infield pop-up during batting practice Tuesday at Valley View. This was the first time that I did this since playing teener ball in 1971. Gotta tell ya, that liner was a stinger. OUCH!
Photo: Linglestown Twilight players celebrate after winning the league championship last August in Middletown. Come out this afternoon, game time 5:45 pm, to see Twilight try to make it two in a row.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Backyard news and links, 08.19.08

Help needed Linglestown Colts youth football season kicks off this Sunday, Aug. 24 at Koons Park with a triple-header starting at 1 pm.

I’m in need of association officials or parents to jot down a few notes – final scores, who scored, top defenders, key plays, etc. – for game summaries that will be published on Linglestown Gazette. Please e-mail game info, or give me a call at 512-0722 if you need more info on what to do. You don't have to be a writer – just jot down a few notes and send them in and I'll do all the heavy lifting.

More on child death case If you’ve been following the story about the au pair living with a Lower Paxton Twp. family that’s been in the news, be sure to jump over to a Patriot-News story about the struggles au pairs face when they come to the U.S.

Another retail project in the works West Hanover Twp. supervisors approved a rezoning request for a large retail development planned for site across from Ciocca Honda on Route 22.

Tea time at Roasters St. Thomas Roaster in the village square will host a demonstration on various types of teas on Thursday, Aug. 21, 6 pm. If you thought tea is tea, then this is the place to be on Thursday. Come to learn from East Indies Coffee and Tea Company. They will show the best way to brew tea and explain the differences in the types and characteristics of tea.

Twilight game ends in 5-5 tie; game to be replayed

SCHUYLKILL COUNTY (Aug. 18) – Linglestown Twilight scored four runs in the last inning of regulation play to tie Valley View at five runs apiece in the seventh inning Monday evening at Valley View Gun Club. Twilight reliever Josh Muscalus retired the hosts in order in the bottom half of the seventh inning, and then play was suspended due to darkness.

The game will be replayed from scratch Tuesday at Valley View. Linglestown has a 2-1 lead in the best-of-seven series to determine the East Shore Twilight League championship.

Action is tentatively scheduled to return to Koons Park on Wednesday, 5:45 pm game time.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Backyard news and links, 08.18.08

Updated 8/19/08 at 10:41 am with new info on "fake cop" ...

Fake cop followed a teen driver on Crums Mill Road in Lower Paxton Twp., and eventually stopped her in neighboring municipality Friday. Since then, police have been searching for the uniformed man and issued a warning to female motorists to be careful. WHTM TV-27 has a video report.

* Work planned on Colonial Road bridge over I-81.

* New blog published by Linglestown reader and contributor KM focuses on gardening, frugal and greener living. Welcome to the blogosphere!

* Work started today to remove underground gas tanks at a former gas station on N. Mountain Rd. located next to 1st National Bank of Marysville. There are oodles of state and possibly federal environmental regulations dealing with fuel tanks, and most likely having the tanks in the ground has been hindering the sale of the property.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Long ball puts Twilight back on top in finals

Talk about no-questions-asked exciting baseball.

The situation: Game #3 of the East Shore Twilight League title series, game tied at two and lightning hot Linglestown first baseman Sean Frailey (pictured), who homered in the second inning, stepped into the batter’s box in the home half of the first extra inning with two outs and no one on base.

On the one ball, one strike offering from Valley View pitcher Mike Toomey, whaaaaack! Frailey sent a towering shot to the power alley in right field. Valley View right fielder Randy Dengler gave chase and appeared to have a shot at making the play, but no ... the darn thing stayed in the air and landed on the Koons Park basketball courts for a walk-off roundtripper, and just like that Linglestown grabbed a 2-1 lead in the best-of-seven series for all the marbles. Holy cow!

“[Toomey] threw a slider up and down the middle, the same pitch I hit earlier,” said Frailey. “It just came right into my wheelhouse.”

Frailey, a staff accountant at Members 1st Federal Credit Union, has been on a big-time roll in the championship series, going an eye-popping five-for-seven with three homers and two singles. He attributed his hot streak to making a change to his stance to avoid stepping too wide into the ball. Others say his recent engagement to be married has sharpened his reflexes to a razor's edge. Whatever it is, here's hoping it continues for a few more days.

Lost in the hoopla of Frailey’s offensive fireworks was an outstanding 122-pitch effort by lefty Rhys Wolford, who was making his first start since rehabbing an injured shoulder. Brad Sanders relieved Wolford and picked up the win by pitching out of a jam in the seventh inning, and then retiring Valley View in order in the eighth and final inning.

Patriot-News sports writer Jeremy Elliott has more details on Linglestown's hard-fought victory.

Twilight notes ... Twilight coach Steve Econ made it into the scorebook by going in as a courtesy runner in the sixth inning. He made a head-first slide trying to avoid being forced out at second base. … Second baseman Nick Barbera displayed amazing speed and quickness by covering first base and just beating the runner to the bag on a grounder fielded by first baseman Frailey. … No need to do a “Where’s Rhys?” segment this time around. … Action returns to Koons Park on Tuesday for game #5 of the series, 5:45 pm first pitch. If you haven’t attended a game this season, what the heck are you waiting for? Come out Tuesday night to see two talented teams do battle for the league crown, FREE admission.

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Valley View draws even with Twilight in finals

Valley View topped Linglestown Twilight 2-1 Friday evening at Valley View Gun Club to knot the best-of-seven East Shore Twilight League championship series at a game apiece.

Twilight played a solid game, actually a great game considering they were on hostile soil – shotgun blasts rang out throughout the contest and the umpires seemed to give the hosts the benefit of the doubt on a regular basis.

The game was in large part decided by a couple key plays and Twilight:

– With the gamed tied at one apiece, Twilight loaded the bases to start the third inning, but a potential big rally was short-circuited when a rocket down the third base line off the bat of right fielder Shawn Berwager was snagged by Valley View’s third baseman and he then doubled up Brad Sanders who was at third base.

– The second key play was a two-base error given up by Twilight on a pickoff play at first in the third inning that led to Valley View’s game-winning second run.

Our friends at The Patriot-News have a game summary in today's sports page. The news article misidentifies Linglestown shortstop Sam Phillips as Shawn Phillps.

Twilight notes Jim Miller pitched a solid game for Twilight, allowing two runs on nine hits and an error. … Giving credit where credit’s due, Valley View pitcher Nolan Shaffer, the team’s top hurler, was tough down the stretch, giving up no hits and striking out three during Twilight’s last two at-bats. … Catcher Bryan Stovall gunned down Valley View catcher Randy Dengler when he attempted to steal second base in the third. … Where’s Rhys? Rhys Wolford (played left field; 0-3 at bat) and BB (I was on the bench filling in as the team’s scorebook guy) went with the rally-hat look during the team’s last at-bat, but the move had no magic this time around. ... Game #3 will be played today at Koons Park, first pitch at 3 pm, free admission. As always, I'll be operating the electronic scoreboard. Please stop by and say hello between innings or after the game.

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Sewer meeting on tap in Linglestown

Click photo to view larger version. CLICK HERE for some background info on this project.

The Paxton Herald


Backyard news and links, 08.15.08

* Two CD schools failed to meet benchmarks on state exams last school year:

CD East High School – math and reading ... most student groupings failed math test; only low-income subgroup failed reading

Swatara Middle School, math and reading ... black student subgroup failed math; low-income subgroup failed reading

For details on all CD schools, go to this state Web site.

(Source: The Patriot-News)

* This week's edition of The Paxton Herald rips CD school board member Christian Malesic for sending out a newsletter with a school district logo on it (see photo; click it to view larger version). For more details, pick up a copy of the paper at a local retailer. By the way, you can usually get FREE copies of The Paxton Herald, which is distributed on Wednesdays, at Amelia's and Karns Foods.

* Also in this week's Paxton Herald, publisher Annette Antoun congratulates Lower Paxton Twp. officials for proposing an ordinance that would require fast food joints to provide outside trash receptacles. There will be a public hearing on this proposal on Sept. 2.

* Lower Paxton Twp. man convicted of first-degree murder.

* Let's wrap things up with a "let's get political" news ... U.S. Rep. Tim Holden, who represents Linglestown-area residents in D.C., takes a pass on a pair of debates this weekend with Republican challenger Toni Gilhooley of Lower Paxton Twp.

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Twilight takes 1-up lead in title chase

Linglestown Twilight spotted visiting Valley View two runs early on before kicking into gear to snag a convincing 7-2 win in the first game of the East Shore Twilight best-of-seven finals.

Valley View got off to a fast start on a soggy night at Koons Park against Twilight’s ace Jack Muscalus (pictured), scoring a run in both the first and second innings, including a home run by Frank D'Agostino on the game’s third pitch.

Musclaus found his form as the game progressed and only allowed one hit the rest of the game to pick up the win.

Twilight’s big sticks were Sean Frailey with a solo homer in the third inning, and Sam Phillips who doubled to jumpstart the team’s two-run second inning.

For in-depth coverage that includes numerous quotes from Twilight players, check out an article entitled "Linglestown starts strong" by Jeremy Elliott of The Patriot-News.

Twilight notes ... The game was shortened by an inning due to darkness. ... The win was a gift of sorts for Steve Booker who celebrated his 29th birthday with cake and ice cream after the contest. ... Based on chatter after the game, Twilight's biggest challenge with game #2 of the series today could be getting to Valley View's field located in the wilds of Schuylkill County – traffic jams on I-81 due to highway construction could make the trip a slow-go. Coach Steve Econ better fire up his GPS unit and renew his OnStar subscription. ... Where's Rhys? Super-sub Rhys Wolford sported a dry uniform and scored a run in one of his two pitch-running assignments for catcher Bryan Stovall. ... Sean Frailey ended his season-long media blackout by giving an interview to a newspaper reporter. If the team wins the series, Linglestown TV's BB has vowed to find a way to get the first baseman on YouTube. ... The series returns to Koons Park on Saturday for a 3 pm game.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Linglestown weekend entertainment guide

Friday, 7 pm ... Super Hero Month continues at Linglestown Life with the showing of a classic Batman film at the church's picnic pavilion located just north of the village square, free admission.

Friday, 8-10 pm …
Music at St. Thomas Roasters coffee house on the square in the village of Linglestown features Dessert First with Henry Koretzky and Emmy Truckenmiller (folk), no cover.

Saturday, 10 am …
Chicken BBQ at the American Legion located on N. Mountain Road near Hornung’s Ace Hardware.

Saturday, 3 pm … Playoff baseball, Linglestown Twilight vs. Valley View, game #3 of the East Shore Twilight League championship series (best of seven), Koons Park, free admission.

Saturday, 1-5 pm … Peach Festival at New Hope Church, 584 Colonial Club Drive, will feature homemade peach desserts (pie and crisp), homemade ice cream, chicken corn soup, a craft show, and FREE pony rides and other fun stuff for kids.

Saturday, 8-10 pm … Music at St. Thomas Roasters presents The Snoods (rock/alternative/jam band), no cover.
Upcoming event … Central Dauphin Band Boosters Association is proud to welcome the legendary sound of The World Famous Glenn Miller Orchestra to the Central Dauphin High School for one night only on Tuesday, September 16, at 7:00 pm. Tickets are $9 for students and senior citizens, $12 for adults. Ticket order forms are available on the association’s website, or call (717) 979-2312.


Backyard news and links, 08.14.08

* Engineer working on Linglestown improvement project talks to Jonestown officials about installing a roundabout in the borough.

* WHP TV-21 takes in-depth look at baby death case in Lower Paxton Twp. (Story includes video.)

* According to a public notice in today's The Patriot-News, Lower Paxton Twp. has requested bids for replacing roofs of two buildings in Koons Park, the domed salt shed and the maintenance building/public restroom, (Yeah, I read the boring public notices ... that's what citizen journalists do.)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Twilight to face Valley View for league crown

On Tuesday, Valley View eliminated Middletown, earning a chance to take on East Shore Twilight League defending champions Linglestown Twilight in the finals. First game of the best-of-seven series is set for Koons Park tomorrow, Thursday, Aug. 14, 5:45 pm.

I'll be operating the electronic scoreboard. Hope to see you there!
Series schedule:

Game #2, Friday @ Valley View, 5:45 pm
Game #3, Saturday @ Koons Park, 3 pm
Game #4, Monday, Aug. 18 @ Valley View, 5:45 pm
Game #5 (if necessary), Tuesday, Aug. 19 @ Koons Park, 5:45 pm
Game #6 (if necessary), Wednesday, Aug. 20 @ Valley View, 5:45 pm
Game #7 (if necessary), Thursday, Aug. 21 @ Koons Park, 5:45 pm

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Doggies step closer to getting LP park

Updated at 10:15 am ...

Dog lovers are celebrating today in Lower Paxton Twp. Click the headline above to find out why, and check the comments for BB's take.

Other backyard news ...

* Police plead for owners to lock cars.

* CD school board forms finance committee; Malesic and McShane cry the blues over not getting picked to sit on panel.

* A reliable source says LP supervisors were given the lowdown Tuesday night on a $63,000 high-tech package that would somehow automatically keep tabs on the condition of township roads. Developing story ...

* Mount Hill Tavern is now open at 2120 Colonial Road, which is near the intersection of Linglestown and Colonial roads. Sounds intriguing. (Source: Q-Tip)

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Linglestown business updates

* The former Hollywood Video store located at the intersection of Linglestown and Colonial roads is being converted into the headquarters for Centric Bank, which is locally owned and formerly operated as Vartan Bank.

The building will get a new look and will include a full-service branch, Patti Husic, the bank’s top executive, told me a few weeks ago. She expects to move in sometime this fall.

Centric Bank offers personal and business banking at financial centers located in Harrisburg, Susquehanna Twp. and Mechanicsburg. The bank specializes in making life easier for small to medium-sized companies, said Husic.

* In better-late-than-never news, Andrew’s by Brother’s Pizzeria & Restaurant located near the square on N. Mountain Road recently changed its name to simply Brothers Pizza – same owners, and same great pizza, Italian dishes and sandwiches.


Backyard news links, 08.12.08

Updated at 10:25 am ...

* More on yesterday's house fire on Catherine Street in Linglestown; Linglestown Gazette had on-the-scene coverage thanks to contributor Kim Mumper.

It sounds like the family who suffered the loss of their home has received an outpouring of help to begin the long journey to regain normalcy in their lives.

A restoration contractor was at the home Monday by noon, boarded the windows, pumped out the three feet of water in the basement and put a huge tarp over the whole house. The building is concrete block under siding, so once they clear out the fire debris, if the block walls are sound, they can rebuild. The contractor said they could do the restoration in four months if all goes well.

Happily the family's cat survived with minor injuries and was treated by a vet.

Hat tip to Gazette contributor Jay Mumper for passing along the above update.

* CD band gives back. (Story includes a video report.)

* Sad story of newborn's death in LP. The preliminary hearing for this case is scheduled for Sept. 19 before District Judge Joseph Lindsey, according to LP police. Background info

* CD school board picks Berkheimer to collect earned income taxes.
This post will be updated through the day as items from outside sources are spotted.

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Dog and skate parks on LP agenda

A proposed dog park and sponsor signage for a proposed skate park are among the items up for discussion during Tuesday, Aug. 12, workshop meeting of the Lower Paxton Township Board of Supervisors at the Municipal Center, 425 Prince Street, 6 pm. CLICK HERE to view the agenda.

Workshops are non-televised meetings that are used by the supervisors and township staff members to discuss issues in depth.
Other township meetings this week:

* Planning Commission, Wed., 7 pm, Municipal Center

* Public Safety Committee, Thu., 7 pm, Municipal Center

Twilight prepping for championship series

Linglestown Twilight took batting practice tonight to stay sharp for the East Shore Twilight championship series that most likely will start this Thursday or Friday at Koons Park.

The team is awaiting the winner of the Middletown-Valley View series. Game #4 of the series was rained out tonight. Valley View leads 2-1 in the best-of-five semifinal.
Pictured: Brad Sanders takes a swing at a ball delivered by Sean Kelly.

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Development in Linglestown Road corridor ripped

Click on the above headline to view a letter-to-the-editor published in today's edition of The Patriot-News. (See item at top entitled "Plight of the bear."

CD school board meets tonight

The board will meet at 7 pm tonight at the Lecture Hall of Central Dauphin East High School. CLICK HERE to review the agenda. (To view the agenda, click on the plus sign for 8/11/08, and then click on the plus signs to get details about specific agenda items.)

There is one tax issue that will be discussed under New Business – The Administration is recommending the appointment of Berkheimer Tax Administrator as the Earned Income Tax Administrator for the Central Dauphin School District. If approved, Berkheimer would start collecting the two-percent tax starting Jan. 1, 2009. If you're not up to speed on this issue, check out this Gazette post for some background info.

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Baby's death in LP deemed 'suspicious'

Click above headline to view a news brief from The Patriot-News.
Background info

Linglestown home burns

A fire early this morning on the 6200 block of Catherine Street in Linglestown has totally destroyed a home, according to Gazette contributor Kim Mumper.

The owners of the home were at work, but their son was sleeping in the basement. He got out of the house unharmed, but the family's cat may have perished in the blaze.

A neighbor, who called 911, heard a popping sound and then spotted flames shooting from a window.

I briefly visited the scene during the 8 am hour and fire crews from Linglestown, Paxtonia, Colonial Park and Susquehanna, Swatara and West Hanover townships were in the closing stages of their operations. Smoke was still coming out of the house.

For more details, check out a news brief filed by The Patriot-News.
You can join the growing list of Gazette contributors by calling 512-0722 to report breaking news.

Photo credits: Top photo by BB; photo in text by Kim Mumper


Have you thanked a voluteer firefighter lately?

Linglestown is blessed with a fully staffed volunteer fire company. Many places aren't, as evidenced by an article in today's edition of The Patriot-News.

Please thank a Linglestown firefighter for their service the next time you bump into one, and consider making a contribution to the volunteer fire company that serves your community.

Lower Paxton Township fire companies – Linglestown Fire Co. #1, Paxtonia Fire Co. #34, Colonial Park Fire Co. #1


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Put old sneakers, soccer cleats to good use

Click on image for larger version.


Saturday, August 09, 2008

High-fives all around

Linglestown Twilight completed a three-game sweep of Lawnton with a 12-0 win Friday, sending the team to the East Shore Twilight League championship series for the second straight year. They will face either Middletown or Valley View in the next series that will begin at Koons Park next week (day and time to be announced).

In Friday’s game at Koons, Lawnton got off to a miserable defensive start for the third straight game, giving up seven runs on two hits and an error in the opening inning. Linglestown pitcher Jason Kelly added to Lawnton’s woes by hurling one of his best games of the season, giving up only six hits and striking out six. Brian Zellers and Shawn Berwager each had three hits for Linglestown.

In the three-game series, Twilight pummeled Lawnton by banging out 41 hits and scoring 41 runs.

Twilight notes Scott Montgomery helped Twilight get off to a good start by lining a double into the left field corner that scored a pair of runs in the seven-run first inning. … A pair of Twilight players got key hits coming off the bench – Aaron Confer got playing time behind the plate and recorded an RBI single in the fifth inning, and Jim Miller ripped an RBI single in the sixth inning. … During mop-up time, pitcher Josh Muscalus made a rare plate appearance and drew a walk on a 3-2 pitch. Plus, he caught a fly ball on the run in right field after expertly calling off other fielders. … On the “Where’s Rhys?” front, despite sporting a damp jersey that would have distracted most players (a family mix-up caused his uniform to be washed very late in the day), Rhys Wolford showed his versatility by coming off the bench to play first base. He had a hand in the game's final out, a 5-3 play that ended the seventh inning. (Regulation sandlot baseball games are seven-inning contests.) … Finally, veteran pitcher Pete Hayden showed all who asked his sizable chest bruise that came as a result of getting nailed with a line drive in game #2 of the series. The incident has added another tidbit to Hayden's seemingly never-ending collection of sandlot baseball war stories.

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